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Walt Disneys core values of quality represented by Mickey Mouse are being washed down the drain!! What a disappointment at every level staying at Disney this week.

Let me detail: 1. Called 8 times and waited for 4.5 hours to add on a 1k meal plan onto my reservation - really??? Do they not want my money??? Horrible!

Re:food- quality has plummeted and there are so few people working at the park you can't buy your desired snacks until midday!!! So you can't use up your meal plan!!! Also- meal plan would not link on 2 out if 4 days!! 2.

Where are the cast members?? Record high profits and they are firing their staff and making people wait in lines- 3. Where is Mickey? All the little special details are disappearing The soap has the name - generic- the mickey soap made Disney special and stand above the surrounding hotels- special for everyone at every level of stay- EVeryone should be treated like a princess!

The shampoo smells like a leutrine- disgusting!! The Boardwalk does not have a single Mickey anywhere- every circle on the posts and pillars should have the iconic Disney characters faces in them - they put a family of five in a room with only one bed and the pull out couch and wall beds were TERRIBLE- hard and uncomfortable- both of these can be high quality and comfortable- just try the Hilton and you can sleep comfortably - they don't tell you that you won't get 2 real beds for a family if 5- then they don't turn down the beds unless you request! Really!! Unlike other hotels we pay per person- not per room so it is inexcusable that the beds are not prepared for each guest- only the club level has that done without request !!!

Seriously!! Then don't charge per person- Disney should have the beds ready for each guest each night- that is the basics- Walt must be turning in his grave the way people are being treated - it's not like we did not pay thousands of dollars to stay at the boardwalk; 4. Fast passes- every Tom, *** and Harry can now get fast passes so the lines are long and they don't have single rider options for long line rides such as toy story and soarin- why not? The guests of the hotels should have unlimited fast passes or at least 3x as many as the non guests or why pay the extra to stay at Disney- 5they have taken away the richness of the parks and history by eliminating the parades- do they really think 5 people in a star wars costume walking down the strewn compares to the parade which brought to life the characters of all of disneys history??

- this is because they don't want to pay and train staff for the parades- they have record high profits and keep charging more so what is the excuse; 6. Worst of all: Walt Disneys History is only shown everyone and then - that is a travesty- they cut out at least 1/3 of the history museum out for a character greeting!!!! That is awful- I am so sad the Disney family did not insist at least one member be on the board for ever to keep oversight in place- 7. Open spaces replaced with huge shops- 8.

Lights camera action -gone!!! That was always full- it served as amazing entertainment and richness of historical production- most importantly- we are getting too little for too high a price. In the past when you stayed in the nicer hotels there were cast members hanging around and playing with the kids, talking, smiling and making you feel noticed and special- now there is no one around.

It takes 30-40 min for house keeping to respond, the bell men can't find your bags for hours- it's crazy!!! In the past everyone returned to Disney because the little extras made all the difference- it was worth it to splurge, but now Disney is feasting in the experience of the past- but they have become so much less and less than surrounding hotels so in another 10 years- if they don't reinstate the excellence and quality- they will be in the famine- people will stay once and then go to a nearby hotel that allows them to save $$$- cuz the splurge factor is not being rewarded by the little extras

Product or Service Mentioned: Walt Disney World Hotel Facility.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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What's funny is the fact that you have made Disney that way! Let me clarify.

I say you as in all of you that attend Disney properties. I personally wouldn't set foot on to a Disney property with a child. As I realize that none of what Disney offers on their properties is truly 100% for kids. It's more for the PARENT then the child.

But you wanted cheaper prices, so cuts are made. The idea of Disney is what's for the kids, not the park. A carnie is a carnie even if the carnival doesn't move. Carnival tourist tactics to separate you from your hard earned money all so you can brag that you took your kids there.

When your child ages just a mere 5 years the idea of Disney will quickly be replaced in their minds. So when you go to those properties and use their services understand that ALL of it is what YOU the consumer of those parks have asked for. You, the adult wanted more shopping. You the adult wanted newer and better but you don't want to get rid of the old.

The point is memory and nostalgia can cause you to set unrealistic expectations and when those expectations aren't met, well we can see the result. I remember my trip to Disneyland a lot differently then my parents did. My parents took us right when they converted over to full access instead of tickets per ride.

So in their minds they didn't like the changes of that time but I just remember going on rides with mom and dad. So maybe instead of condemning Disney maybe have a little understanding for what they have to go through just to please a pack of intellectual and immature people who expect the exact same experiences as adults that they had as children.


First you were obviously calling when an offer such as free dining had just dropped and the phone lines were inudated. Sorry that happens.

Your gripe a bout cast members, seriously? We go every year and there are cast members every where.

You actually can't turn down your own bed? i think you are really searching to find something to complain about

to Anonymous #1380896

This is not true at all. You never see cast members anymore.

Even Hollywood Studios use to have street performers and comedy acts all day. Your lucky if you see one.

Instead of making excuses, find a way to fix it. This is the problem, instead of listening to complaints, everyone gets defensive

to DVC Bossman #1383232

Yes it is true, and I go all the time and there are cast members every where. And they do have (annoying as they are) street performers.

to DVC Bossman #1384765

You obviously don't know what "cast member" means if you think you never see them. A cast member is every single person employed at Disney. They are literally everywhere.


You are one of those people who complains about everything right? I can tell because I go to WDW at least once, if not twice a year and always stay at Disney resorts.

Several of the things you complain about aren't even true. I have a photo on my desk right now of my husband and I standing next to a Mickey on the Boardwalk. It's small and on one of the buildings, but it's there. And parades?

Did you go to Magic Kingdom? Because they have two parades every day, sometimes even when it's raining.

I'm certain Disney won't cry if you never come back. Most of your complaints would have been solved by a few minutes of online research and a better attitude.

to Anonymous #1380893

I’m sure DISNEY staff just doesn’t understand or care anymore. People who have been coming to Disney for years, remember how it was from the beginning to around 2010.

Then Disney changed. It all became of the money. Prices sky rocketed, you put on a regimented schedule to try to get something to eat in any of the sit down Resturants. There is no more welcoming feeling.

It all about hearding the masses in, even if you can’t handle it. We go in off season and noticed this change, I can’t even imagine what it’s like during busy times.

to DVC Bossman #1383235

You just can't give it up can you? No matter how many times all your complaints are proven wrong you still come back with the same old complaints.

So aparetly making an ADR is just too hard for you to handle?

I like having my ADR so I know when and where we are eating instead of wasting time trying to decide.

There is a very welcoming feeling from the time you hit the magic express counter at the air port through out your stay.

And if no one else went, if the parks were empty there would be no Disney.

if you hate it so much stay home , and quit trashing Disney with lies.

to DVC Bossman #1384767

And I call BS because I AM "people who have been coming to Disney for years".....30 years to be exact. And I have never had a bad experience.

And as stated below, advanced dining reservations are extremely easy to get if you spend two seconds to plan ahead. We never wait and eat anywhere we please because we PLAN AHEAD.

And the service we get is top notch. Failure to plan is your own fault.

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