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Waiting at the princess hall to see the characters from frozen was over 4 hours...Disney is suppose to be a time of magic not to wait over 4hrs....It has been a waste of time and money...definitely it would an unforgettable horrible time here at Disney. ...

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I have no sympathy regarding this situation. It's Frozen...what did you expect? Of course the wait time to meet Anna and Elsa are going to be ridiculous.

to Anonymous Cypress, California, United States #1179586



Disney does not force anyone to wait in line, you choose to wait or not. You could have gotten a fastpass 60 days in advance for this and cut the wait time down to 5 or 10 minutes. Your kid is not the only kid who wants to see Anna and Elsa so there is going to be a long line.

Kissimmee, Florida, United States #863821

You have to realize that there are thousands of customers to make happy every single day of the year and that you are not the only person *choosing* to wait to get what they want. It's called patience and is part of the growing up process in the big boy/girl world.

I hate to say it, but you are not the only or most important person in the world and must wait your turn in line like everyone else. Want to get in earlier, get there earlier.

Orlando, Florida, United States #830657

Disney is not forcing anyone to stand in a 4 hour line. There are plenty of other activities to do and things to see.

If you don't want to wait in a four hour line, don't.

But obviously plenty of other people are willing to do so. Not really sure what you expect Disney to do about it.

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