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Very dissapointed that they stopped doing the refills on the souvenir cups. I guess charging over $100 dollars a person is not enough now they have to make it so a faimly has to bring $150 just to have drinks so we dont get dehidrated.

Good job disney. How eles can you screw the people that make you money?

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First of all learn to spell it's dehydrated. Second, the resort mugs are refillable at any Disney resort.

Table service has free refills and there are several quick service places that offer free refills such as the Electric Umbrella. Third, go to Club Cool and get some free samples.

Fourth, how much do you have to have to drink? The sodas at the quick service are so large I don't think I have ever finished one.

Louisiana, United States #994984

Actually, I do not know what you are talking about. The old mugs that you bought previously?

Because while it is true that you cannot re-use these mugs from your previous visit, you buy new mugs for $18/per mug for unlimited refills in your resort. And each theme park, water park and Disney Springs offer free water from each vendor. So do your research before you complain about such a trivial thing.

Or, genius, bring your own bottled water. Even if you are flying, you can pack a 12pk in luggage.

to Anonymous Miami, Florida, United States #994988

Oh im sorry. I didnt know you were the disney food police.

How about going into one of the restaurants and paying $3.50 for a drink and you cant even get a refill. Its so funny that idiots like you comment on things that you think you know so much about. Maybe we should call you God.

You must think your are God because ok nly he knows everything. ***!

to Anonymous #995189

Ok, so first of all the only places that offer free refills for mugs are the resorts and water parks. Second, at a sit down restaurant you can get all the refills you want, but at counter service yes it is a one shot deal. So please clarify which type of restaurant you are referencing.

to Anonymous Louisiana, United States #995347

WOW. I forgot how many Id$*ts there are that comment on here.

You must be from Liberty City ghetto. When did I mention GOD? I do know alot about it, I work for Disney. So before YOU comment, get it straight jack@$$.

And your gonna moan about $3.50 for a drink (which you CAN refill in the restaurant unless its a specialty drink) in DISNEY? Save your food stamps for Publix and take your welfare somewhere else.

Disney is expensive. Unless your GOD.

to Anonymous Denver, Colorado, United States #995811

Anonymous if you work for Disney, you should be fired immediately. I don't care if the person is wrong or right, you do not treat CUSTMERS that way, period.

I do not believe you work there , you are one of those drones, that thinks Disney always right and doesn't make mistakes. Walt's probably rolling over in he grave, on how his dream is being managed.

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