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I have been a long time customer of Disney World, going each year for the last 16 years. There new policy of having to rush around making reservations to get into Resturants is rediculous.

Every Resturant you go to, they say we only take reservations well in advance, even though you look inside and the resturants are half empty. So you always have to be on a regimented schedule, rushing around for a reservation. If you don't make there regimented reservations, you don't eat. We have a condo inside the property, we ended up going to Walmart and purchased breakfast foods and rented a car and left the property for supper each day.

Ended up costing us half as much and we ate when we wanted. Not a Disneys schedule.

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Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1262691

First of all, the restaurants are very rarely "almost empty". Second, calling ahead for reservations is not a tough thing to do.

to SixLions #1379566

I’m not sure if you work for Disney or not, but your commit is not true.

Yes you can’t call ahead, if you want to call weeks ahead.

You can’t just call and make a reservation, they will always tell you they have no opening.

The problem is people don’t want to plan every minute their on vacation.

If they want to rush around and be stressed they can stay at home.

to Anonymous #1380946

If planning is too hard and stressful perhaps you should just stay home if getting on a computer a making advance ADR ,not planning and running around like a chicken {{Redacted}} is way more stressful than making plans and being organized, not to mention planing a Disney trip will allow you to do twice as much as running around hap hazzard will.

Vero Beach, Florida, United States #1240994

I know for a fact this is not true. Some restaurants, yes.

Cinderella's Royal Table and Be Our Guest being two big ones. But any of the smaller restaurants you can usually walk up to and get a table.

I've never had to wait for any restaurant in EPCOT's World Showcase with the exception of Le Cellier. So I don't know what restaurants you tried to eat.

to MattD78 #1368529

they said Disney, not Epcot. everyone knows Epcot is dead as a doorknob except during the food and wine festival.

Winter Garden, Florida, United States #1240694

You give Disney your hard earned money for a pair of mouse ears and a cheap dinner! We live in the area and we know that Disney pays for their products and what they sell them for! Not worth it!

Dallas, Texas, United States #1240051

First of all you are a *** if you go on vacation and cook and do dishes not to mention all the time you lose going all the way back to the hotel cooking and cleaning. It is quite simple to make your ADR at 180 days.

We never have a problem of being rushed to a reservation. It's called proper planning.

to Anonymous #1368530

At Disney, things are supposed to be spontaneous not so regimented. It's ridiculous.

You are on vacation even if it's just a day trip. I don't want to keep looking at my watch to make sure we don't miss our reservation...WTF????

to Anonymous #1381114

First of all not planning your trip is just laziness, you are wasting tons of vacation time wandering around aimlessly. Second it is not like making ADRS is hard you get on your computer and make them , not hard at all.

i don't know why anyone would go to Disney for a haphazard we are going to spend all our time gathered around a park map like a bunch of ***. Third planning the trip is fun and builds on the excitement, I have never had to keep looking at my watch to make my ADR or fast passes because I have a properly planned trip which lets me get 10x more done on my vacation , than you Ernest goes to Disney World people.

to Anonymous #1379565

The problem is people don’t want to plan every minute their on vacation.

If they want to rush around and be stressed they can stay at home.

to Anonymous #1386195

Oh so you prefer spending your vacationing wandering around aimlessly staring at a park map and not actually doing anything.? If you properly plan then you are not rushed or stressed so that is not a valid point.

You save time by planning. I would be miserable on a vacation if all I got to do was run around like a chicken with my head cut off.

And you need to change your statement , people do want to be organized and plan YOU singular do not. And what is so rushed you have a hour window on fast passes and having a dining reservation will save you all kinds of wait time .

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