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I renewed my passes at Disney. The only problem now is with new fast pass system it's almost impossible to get on any rides.

Had to leave with my 5 yr old granddaughter crying because the lines were from 80 min to over a hour and half for more popular rides. We'd got in at 10.30 and all fast passes gone. We went home to try bring them the next day but all the good rides ard booked for over a month ahead. This place stinks.

Will never renew again and if I could I would cancel my pass and at least go to a park where the people who have supported them for over 20 yrs now are treated fairly. I suppose the mighty dollar is their god and little 5 yr old children don't matter.

So much for the happiest place on earth. Thanks Dusney corporation.

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Palm Springs, Florida, United States #887528

OMG are such a tool. With annual passes, you can visit Disney on any day you feel like going.

If they still produced the paper fast passes, it would not be a big deal for this person. This person is saying FASTPASS+ takes all spontaneity away. All annual pass holders that pay top dollar should be able to visit any time they want and not plan 30 days or more in advance. I'm sure you work for Disney since you read every comment and respond with answers always sticking up for Disney.

Get a FFFUUCKI### grip. I've been to Disney hundreds of times. I was a FL resident wit annual passes. I've stayed at all the resorts.

Everyone can see the fast pass system is a bad idea. The old paper way worked much better.

And if you say your child doesn't throw a fit in public and never has, you must be doing a great job touching their privates to keep em quiet. Good job daddy.

to Dave Orlando, Florida, United States #887802

Sorry I agree with ninjat, a passholder should know how the Fastpass + system works by now and after using it for a few months I much prefer the new system to the old. I would much rather pick Fastpass choices on my phone rather than have to be at the park at opening just to get a Fastpass to ride the ride later.

And as a passholder you can visit anytime you want, you just may not get to ride a particular ride that day without a Fastpass.

Be an adult and deal with it.

And if someone's child doesn't throw a fit in public it might just be because they are a good parent. I think it speaks volumes of you that the first place you go is child touching.

to Dave Fort Worth, Texas, United States #894233

You are an *** too. People don't do the proper planning and research then they whine because they don't get what they want.

The paper fastpass system was ***, you had to go all the way to the ride get the fastpass then come back again hours later.

All the crisscrossing the parks is way too time consuming. I do not know why someone would want to waste all their time at the park with no planning?

Burleson, Texas, United States #887275

You could have booked your fastpasses thirty days in advance like everyone else and not had issues

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