Disney should be ashamed the way they treat the employees make on simple mistake and they fire u for it no progressive discipline nothing happened to my son he was there a year was moving up fast makes one mistake admits to it and gets fired i hate disney will never go there again maybe a blessing i dont know they pay *** make millions a day and have no respect for employees should be brought up on labor violations

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Orlando, Florida, United States #882645

Yeah, no, the union will not allow Disney to fire employees without progressive discipline unless they do something SERIOUSLY wrong (like stealing). *** I once told a manager to take my badge and I wasn't fired. So no if he was fired with no prior write-ups he did something VERY wrong.


What was the mistake your son made?

to mistake #881911

a disney guest lost his wallet, and it was returned to him in guest relationships, the guest had $400 in the wallet, my son was tempted and took the money, someone saw him and reported him and he was fired, he made one mistake and they fired him, he had no progressive discipline on file, this was his first mistake and they fired him when the man who lost the wallet complained there was $400 missing, the person who turned the wallet in checked for id and saw the money was there before handed to my son in guest relationships, my son confessed, said he took the money and spent some of it, but they still fired him even though he confessed.

to Anonymous Columbia, Kentucky, United States #881969

Are you serious? You complain because WDW fired a thief who happens to be your son?? Lady, you are in serious need of a course in common sense.

to Anonymous #980380

Your son should have also been arrested. You are stunningly... ***!

to Anonymous #1156253

My guess is, and call me crazy, but I'm feeling like the cash contained in the wallet was a much higher values then the actual cost of the wallet would be in most cases. Credit cards could have been cancelled, lost cash is irreplacible.

I'm also going to go on a limb and say that had a Disney cm had done that same thing to you, I am pretty sure you would be on this site ripping Disney apart for the theft. Works both ways. Your son should consider himself lucky they didn't press charges.

As for you not going back to the park, I think I speak for many when I say good. Our valuables may be just a touch safer that way seeing as how you obviously have no moral compus, no concept of not taking what doesn't belong to you and in the real world, "finders, keepers" isn't an acceptable excuse for stealing.

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