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First visit ever to Disney ended up to be a disaster! I never went as a child myself so my goal was to get my kids to Disney one day!

Middle class family experienced a lay off and job changes for past few years still was trying to find a way before my kids got too grown for certain things. Saved for a year got to Disney and the 1st day my daughter got terrible sick over 103 fever vomiting body aches. So I stayed in hotel room with her for days to take care of her then my son couple days later got the high fever. And remember this is our first time ever at Diane so we asked if we could get refunded for the park tickets not being used due to something we couldn't control.

They said No. So then my husband asked if the could possibly be transferred to someone else. NO! I get it your a business but not greedy jerks!

It's still a paid for ticket so why can't we make sure it gets used some how???!!!!!! I'm heartbroken and feel defeated.

We added an extra day in case they feel better to use a park ticket they said we have to switch rooms. So now my sick 6 and 9 year old will have to be moved from one room and wait in the van for hours till the next room is avaiable!

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When you purchase tickets, they say that they are non-refundable and non-transferable. That's what the insurance is for. Duh.


So, you wrote one review from the hotel and another when you got home, changing the details ever so slightly to make the issue sound worse the longer you had to think about it? Ok.

So, you were on property. That means, when you booked your stay, you were given the option to purchase trip insurance. You declined, sadly. Disney offers this insurance, which gives exactly the compensation you seek, because it DOES understand that these trips are pricy and even the Happiest Place on Earth can't keep away the flu.

No other theme resort offers that level of insurance. You declined. That means, as an adult, you decided to take the risk that your family would be healthy and that that extra $100 was better spent on souvenirs. You had a little girl with a very, very high fever.

Did you take her to a doctor or call medical? Knowing one child was sick, you still gambled and sent not such son and hubby into the park so they could infect everyone else on property and low and behold, a couple of days later, your son got very sick, too. So, your hubby and son technically had at leasr three days in the park before flu Armageddon. You then expect a refund despite turning down the insurance.

And, in a strange act of questionable goals, gave this horrible company MORE money to extend the trip for recovery (did you also change your air trave?), instead of calling it quits and getting a cheaper room elsewhere. But, you're mad because Disney didn't foresee your illnesses and had the room already booked with another family? I'm sure that family didn't want their children inevitably exposed to the plague so I hope they bought trip insurance. You took a sick child to Disneyworld but changing from one room to another was the line in the sand?

I have tremendous sympathy for the way your trip went.

It sucks to put that much money into something, only to get sick. But, Disney didn't do anything wrong.

to Anonymous Denver, Colorado, United States #1136645

anonymous, you must work for Disney, You seem to answer to all comments and Disney's never in the wrong. Pretty sad. Disney's not perfect and they do seem to value the dollar bill more then family values.

to jtc #1146753

Disney is not perfect but the OP is not perfect either, especially when they post the same review twice. Not everyone who disputes a review works for the company, a lot of us who do it just don't like unreasonable people who want to blame the company.

Disney tickets aren't refundable. It may not be the fault of the OP their child got sick, but it's not Disney's either and their refund policy is clearly spelled out.

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