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Terrible trip. First of all it must have been world cup week at the resort because of all the soccer groups.

Apparently parents have forgotten to teach their kids manners. Secondly some guy at the pool scared my daughter and her friend. He kept waving at them, followed them in and out of the pool. I confronted him but he claimed he didn't speak English.

( I had someone interpret to get my point across). Next I think all of Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela decided to come this week. Rude and obnoxious is the only way to describe them.

The groups chant and clap as they go through the parks and while at the resort. Lastly the magic band system sucks for fast passes other than that, they are fine.

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All of you how is other guests behavior Disney's fault? Disney can not ban latinos from the parks.

Can you imagine the time the press would have with that.? You are blaming Disney for other people.


Same experience here. Me and my family planned this trip for months and were sorely disappointed with this trip.

Those group were some of the rudest people I have ever meet.

They were chanting and rudely knocking into people if they were in their way. Universal studios was the highlight of our trip but next time were going to hawaii and hopefully these groups wont be there.


I absolutely agree. If my group of 9 family members marched down the Main Street chanting loudly, I am positive that it would not take more than 30 seconds for a Disney rep to shut us down.


We must have been here at the same time!!!! All of the people who spoke Spanish were obnoxious and loud and they travel in packs!

It's like you can't get away from them. Three boys from Trinidad wouldn't leave my friend and I alone at the pool after we had made it very clear we were not interested. Made us very uncomfortable. Asked where we were staying, where we were going the next day etc.


the chanting is absolutely awful. Every park we go to, and they don't care who they run into!!!!

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