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I have never been so mad in my life. I'm trying to enjoy my time at Disney but at many times has been ruined by the girls one five group.

They have no manners or personal space and are just plane rude. Today my friend and her mother were coming back to our Pop Century resort on the bus and we were the front of the line to get on the next bus. As we were getting on a leader from the group starts getting angry with us saying "we have to get on now. Let us all get on first".

We told them that we were here first therefore we have the right to get on now. So than they all cram on the bus (which is a usual occurance) and than they started the chanting which is also not anything new. Than they kept chanting and chanting and each time it got louder and louder. They were doing it just to make us mad because their other group leader was egging them on to make them sing louder.

The level of noise they were making was ear piercing and there were little kids trying to sleep on the bus. So than we had to wait for all of them to get off the bus because they do not let you go and as they were getting off they were all saying "bye" in a sarcastic rude way including the adults. I would not care if it was one chant because I have experienced this my entire 11 day trip, but it was the fact that the grown up was so immature to egg them on. Than we went to complain and the only thing I had to say was "I have to complain about my bus ride" and the very helpful women said "was it the five one group"

That's all it took for her to know what we were talking about because of how many people have called and complained, and they said the group leaders have done nothing due to how many complaints they have still been getting.

I will never come back here this time of year again due to this.

I also have talked to many people on this trip and have heard many stories about how annoyed they are with this and how many of them have complained made me laughed. I was also told this happens every year and ever year you get complaints and I don't understand why there are no actings being taken to stop this because it is absolutely ridiculous and ruined my last night at Disney World

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Um, if you have sleeping kids in public they have no right to quiet..if you want quiet take them to your home,or hotel room. .I bet there is more to this story

to Anonymous Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United States #1156127

Google the Brazilian 15 year old tour groups in Disney. I feel like most of these complaints on this site are total b.s.

(ok, almost all of them) but it seems like this one is legit. The very first thing that popped up when I googled was about them being total asshats at the POFQ.

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