We had a fast pass for one of the shows. We got to our fast pass 45 mins prior and when we went in to the show we chose the seats in the middle.

The cast member made us move all the way to the end after we used a fast pass to get in to get good seats and we waited the extra 45 mins to be first in line. People who walked up behind us right before the doors open without fast passes were able to take our seats. I put in a complaint request with Disney. The lady called me.

She said she was giving my entire family a one day park hopper pass. Well I go into My Disney Experience and she gave it the pass to one family member. Oh yeah and we had bed bugs in our resort. I got bit on the legs several times.

The doctor diagnosed me with contact dermatitis.

So no Disney isn't as magical as it once was. The bus system sux too!

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Lol, the FastPass allows you to get in a show/ride faster, you don't get to pick and choose where you sit! Your expectations came out of ignorance to the rules by not reading what you are purchasing.

Sucks for the Dermatitus though, I would have made management move us and give us a better room with something a little extra for the trouble. It's true though, when you have one bad experience, everything else just isn't right.

Melbourne, Florida, United States #1004338

Apparently you have never been to Disney or any theme park with a show/theater style seats. They always make you move down to the end of the row because 1) they need to fit as many people as possible not have a half-empty theater 2) not have guests tripping over each other because everyone decided to stop in the middle.

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