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My son left the Chevrolet test track experience at Disney Epcot in tears thanks to the mean spirited and vindictive cat member (heather) sorting single riders entering the ride who overlooked a family of four who cheated and took a ride car for them selves, and when I attempted to keep my son with me, yelled at me to leave the line, then put my son in a separate ride car from me and my husband. This experience soured the park experience, and highlighted the fact the hassle of Disney parks is not worth the expense!

We will not return. There are better alternatives for family vacations.

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If you were on the single riders line, that's your freakin fault. What a cheap way to cut in line Mrs.


I hope whatever the worker said to you will stay with you forever. Now you'll know not to use the single liner next time you ***

to Anonymous #1112976

I don't think they were in the single rider line - they were sorting people out of that line, and therefore separated a family. You're a ***.


You were in the single rider line the purpose of this line is for single riders to be placed where there are holes, you are told from the time you get in the single rider line that parties may and most likely will be separated so how can you be mad at Disney when you got in the single rider line and they separated you like they said they would from the beginning of the line?

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