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My husband and I have vacationed at WDW for the last 20 years. We have never taken the free transportation from the airport to the resort, but figured, what the heck, it would take us to the resort and back to the airport without us having to rent a car.

We could also get our luggage taken care of as well as our boarding passses.So NOT a good idea. I called the evening before out departure for our boarding passes. The guy on the telephone took care of that, they were supposed to be in our room at 7:45 the next morning. I inquired about our baggage, and was told I would have to call another number to schedule for baggage pick up.

So, I called them right away and they told me they would pick up our bags at 10:30 the next morning. Sweet, or so I thought. I got a wakeup call at 7:00 so I would be ready to take care of our boarding passes. At 7:30, the room phone rang, and the lady on the phone said that they were fixin' to come to our room and get our bags!!!

I explained that I was told that we were scheduled tor 7:3- for boarding passes and 10:30 for our luggage. She informed me THEN that everything takes place at the same time!!!!!My husband wasn't even awake yet, not to mention PACKED!!! So, the lady was gracious enough to give us until 8:45 to get rolling and get packed. I had to get hubby up and about and pack his bags.They showed up promptly at 8:45, and luckily we were finished, but it was VERY misleading the way the information was presented.

Fast forward to the "magical express" ride to the airport. The driver was a hoot, and icked us up about 20 minutes late. No biggie, or so I though. Our flight was scheduled for a 2:08 departure, and we were scheduled for an 11:00 departure.

It went downhill from there. We had to make THREE additional stops. And of course, we were departing from terminal B, so we were the second stop at the airport. Additionally, the resort could only give us boarding passes for the first leg of our flight, but not the second.

So we had to go to the ticket counter to get our boarding passes straight. Additionally, we weren't even scheduled to sit together! So, after the debacle with our luggage, the boarding passes, and our trip that seemed to take forever to get to the airport, we finally got everything straight, but had no time for even a cup of coffee. The lines at the security checkpoint were horrendous, and we made it to the gate about 5 minutes before they started boarding.

Still no time for breakfast.Needless to say, we will never use the "magical express" service again.

We will drive ourselves from the airport.

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My family of seventeen had been planning a vacation for over six months at Disneyworld.

My brother has the Vacation Club and was able to get 3 suites and one 2 bedroom at the Old

Key West. In addition to the tickets my family purchased they also did the dining plan.

We came in at different times between June 1st and June 3rd. We all stayed at Key West from the

3rd to the 8th of June.

Three adults and two children for Van Houten had a reservation with Chef Mickey on the 1st of June

At 11:10 am. It was raining and the floor was slippery. I fell and went down hard on the left side of my face, arm, knee, and leg. The guests who were also waiting for their time slot came to my rescue and helped me get to a chair. They sat with me to make sure I was ok. I had a headache and went to the reservation person. I told them I had taken a fall and could I get a glass of water. They went and got the glass of water and never even asked if I was ok. Not one cast member bothered to see how I was.

It was only guests that looked after me.

I was not feeling well after that so I went back to rest. I forgot to pick-up the tickets for my family that I had ordered and knew the family was not arriving at the same time. I didn’t want to worry about getting them the tickets. I called the Contemporary and asked if I could come over to pick them up. This was about six in the evening. I was told it would be ok. When I arrived the young lady told me they were closed. I wasn’t too happy anyway and this was not making things any better. I told her what happened that morning and I had called. I told her I wanted to get the tickets and she needed to speak to a manager. After some discussions they finally sent me to a young man who printed out the tickets-about $4,000 worth.

Saturday my daughter, her husband and my two grandsons went to the Animal Kingdom. I asked the person parking if we could get close to the tram since I was having difficulty walking. We had rented a car to make it easier on me. She told me she could not accommodate me and we ended up in the last spot farthest from the tram. The next car behind us got the first spot by the tram.

Monday we went to the studios. We went to see the Mickey Clubhouse with the grandsons. One of the grandsons has ADHD and he had waited in line for about 30 min to see Handy Mandy. We were in line

And as we approached to enter the room I noticed Silas had two more people before him. I told the door person he was in line and would be joining us. The gentleman said he didn’t know if that could be done since it was hard to find people and he might need to wait until the next show. I tried to explain it was only two more and about five min. and I would just stay at the door. The show was not starting for another 10 minutes or so. I was not going to make Silas leave after waiting that long. It is very tough to keep him still as it is. He is on medication and I hate giving him anymore than necessary. The gentleman walked away and another man named Harvey was walking by. I told him my situation and what was happening. He was very kind and said not to worry.

By that time Silas was done and was at the door. Harvey made sure Silas was taken care of. The room didn’t even get full. I really thought Disney was about helping people.

On Tuesday we all had a reservation with Winnie the Pooh. Fifteen were on time but two young people got stuck in the crowds with the tram and monorail. The reservation person said if they were not there we would forfeit our reservation. I told her they were on their way and everyone including them except for four people had the dining plan she could charge for. Finally this nice lady named Mildred came and spoke with us. She said she had our tables ready and would take care of us. By that time the other two had arrived.

Winnie came to our table to see the kids. After a couple pictures the person with Winnie said he would need to move on. I was really getting frustrated with everything. I told him that Winnie spent an average of 3-4 min at each table and I had five tables. I was at least entitled to 10 minutes for pictures with the kids and adults. He was not very nice but did walk away. A gentleman named John came to assist with Winnie and I told him what was happening and all we wanted was a few minutes with the characters.

He said there was no problem and we could get pictures with the kids. We did manage that and with a few adults.

One bright spot was when we went into the watch store in Magic Kingdom on Main Street. Diane was very nice and so was the other young lady with her. This was on June 5th. It was just my daughter and myself. We happened to be talking to her and everyone would stare at me like I had been beaten up.

I told her what happened and she went and got two priority entrances (we were not able to use them due to not being together at one time and the weather) plus a Mickey Mouse Rice Cake. That was one of the nicest gestures we had all week.

We had three people from Colorado, four from Texas, four from Oklahoma, one from California (me),

and five from Arkansas. I had done so much research and preparation for our family before we left so most hiccups could be prevented. Someone even stole the fan off the baby stroller two days before we left. I realize that is not the parks fault.

None of us made any scenes with any of the cast members. I did express a couple times what was happening so we did have the Winnie breakfast, did see Winnie the Pooh, etc. I wasn’t about to let employees ruin a vacation or put a damper on anything for the adults and especially the children.

They didn’t see any screaming or yelling and the adults tried to keep a good attitude.

I can say I’m very disappointed in our treatment while we were there. The cost as a vacation club member, tickets for a week, dining plan, and extra costs did not make this an inexpensive vacation.

I’m hoping to get everyone back out in California one day so they can spend time in the parks here and see the new California Adventure. It will be awhile due to the cost for so many people. I do believe California has a much better atmosphere and cast members who are pleasant. They always seem to try at least to help you.

Once home I did see a doctor and last week they took an x-ray of the knee. I think it is just very bruised

And painful, but will heal in time. My face still looks like I have been beaten up


So let me get this straight, you're complaining about a FREE service that you didn't pay a dime for? And because you didn't take the time to get all the details, you missed your morning coffee and breakfast?


The resort doesn't give out boarding passes, the airliner does. You were forced to go to the ticket counter? The audacity! Do you even know what debacle means?

And why on earth is Disney World responsible for horrendous security checkpoint lines?

Seriously, this is a horrible complaint! And you definitely need to drive yourself to and from the airport if it's so hard to get your "hubby" up and about.

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