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We have traveled to Disney for over 30 years. Our recent visit in December 2011 was terrible.

We arrived with our family, our children and grandkids to have an engagement party. We had ordered an engagement cake to have delivered to our room. We arrived December 19, 2011, and left for a dinner celebration at Yahtsmans. This experience was also a problem.

Yhe hostess was rude, insisted that we needed to ahead of time requested a high chair and the food came out cold. We went home after this event eating bread only. All but two entrees were returned. They went from being cold to being so burnt and rubbery the kids would not even eat theirs.

After dinner we were returning to celebrate with our engagement cake and head to the Polynesian to sit by the water and watch the 10:00 holiday fireworks. While we were gone to dinner at Yahtmans, an employee entered our room and hit the door so hard that it knocked the topper of the cake and destroyed our cake. (See attachment) We returned about 7:30 and immediately called management. They said they would immediately call Leslie Smith who was handling this cake.

We had no response and the next morning were informed that Disney was scheduling a lock interrogation on the room to confirm this employee entered the room. They needed a couple of days to do this and speak to the cast member. Three days later, it was confirmed. The executive management team was very callous and had David Kong contact us.

He offered an ice cream social in the Pop Century food court or another cake from the local Publix grocery store.He stated that it was a busy time and the cake would not be as good though. This was not ok with us. Even after David King (Pop Century Guest Relations Manager) repeated this multiple times, he kept repeating the same thing and said these are your only options. We found this very disrespectful.

To us, it's like having a Birthday party without the cake. Only worse. The event was already over. It was ruined.

We even tried to contact Leslie Smith (Manager of guest services at 407-560-3229) who was handling this cake from December 19 on with no response. Upon returning from our trip and ruined event, we called the executive team for days without a response for days. When they did respond we were told by Leslie, she did not respond because we were on site and that it was up to David, that Leslie Smith (Guest Communications Manager) David Kong, (Pop Century Guest Relations Manager for Pop Century) , Meg Croftin's Office (President) and the Executive Management team had consulted and these two options were acceptable to them and they were trying to make our experience a "Magical Experience". I again told her this was not ok.

To date no one was able to explain why after it was confirmed three days later with a lock interrogation,that on December 19, at about 3:26 this employee was the only one who entered and left and invoice in our room. Carelessly or maliciously this employee opened the door and hit the table so hard that this cast member destroyed this cake. There we even marks on the door from it. There was no resolution on site with David Kong, so we have contacted, Leslie Smith and Meg.Crofton's office at (407-828-2600) for an answer as to why this employee entered the room and destroyed the cake but have had no response or resolution to date for this issue.

We also have contacted with the same. We ordered an engagement cake. An ice-cream social or a cake from the local publix was not ok.

It is bad enough that the event was ruined, but no one has cared. This event was sentimental to our family.

It was ruined.

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May you go and be punished in *** for visiting Disney world....


Dear Tom Staggs , Meg Croftin, and any Disney employees involved...

Please read...

In a short summary, these are the issues we had with Disney on our trip with no response or resolution...

First, Disney tried selling a cake that would be transported in someones car. No refrigeration and it was 85 degeees. For your knowledge, it will cause food poisoning if custard is left out over 20 minutes. Their head decorator is the one who advised not to order it because Disney had no set way to transport or store these cakes.

Second after three months of dealing with this issue with no response on promised phone calls and when a call was made, it was laughed upon...Finally, I contacted the presidents office Meg Croftin, who by the way was the secretary also very unconcerned and rude.At this time I spoke to the decorator one more timeand hee stated do not get custard, you are correct.Disney can not accomodate this. We compromised. Filling was now changed. After speaking to Leslie, there was no "set" means by Disney to trasnsport cakes.WE were told there are several locations but all do it different.

Third, for your knowledge this cake was like a wedding cake, not just a 20 cake you buy from the food court. A careless DISNEY employee, for no other reason to bring a paid for invoice to our room , put this invoice on our bedbut in doing this he or she banged the door so hard it knocked the topper off the cake, destroying it. Disney this eve laughed it off. Leslie refused to return calls and now assigned this to David, however, David was insincere and he could not even retrun calls as he promised. He felt an ice cream social three days later could replace things. He needed time to resolve this in order to protect this employee. Now our trip was half over.

We arrived back after the worst dining experience at Yahtsmans I have ever received. The hostess even though we had infants was irritated that we needed a high chair. She wanted to inform us that we needed to request it ahead of time....the experience went on and on... Not only was the cake destroyed but the dinner was cold and burnt. Kids would not even eat their food. Now in most restaurants in the US if your food is cold or ok, they will recook it for you. They took the food back after an attitide for 30 minutes, reheated it to the point of being so burnt, it was like rubber..we CAN SHOW us we were told by the manager that it was ok that they put it back on the grill with others food. We also had a three year old grandaughter who picked up a stomach virus and her ten year old sister took her in the middle of this to ask for a restroom...she was told by an employee she did not have time and did not know where it was...This ten year old was in tears..We leave with no dinner..Paid for two of them..and drinks but were disappointed... Then we came back to a cake that we could not eat..No dinner celebration, no cake...we ate rolls for dinner and had to wait for 2 hours for management to arrive to see the cake.We were told that Leslie stated in our account she was to be contacted on any cake issues..I called call..Next morning we got the run around..David was rude and did not care..He had been sick but give him a few days to resolve...Three days later we are told that they will replace the 450 cake with an ice cream social..He confirmed that their employee did enter the room at 3:27, but they need to protect their cast member.They did not remember anything. We also were told that if an ice cream social would not work, he would get a publix cake however it would not be as good..... Finally, the purpose of this trip origianlly was a wedding, but now it was the engagment...The dinner and cake were OUR celebration...Not space mountain, ect.... If you really believe that we were emotional, you are correct... We were devistated at Disney's treatment over this... We actually are so diagusted with Disney that after going to disney for 30 years, we will never return... I am writing this to all Disney management and employees.I hope they do read this..... I will share this story and encourage anyone to not go to Disney because of this.... It is not about compensation..To those involved, .It was about an event we lost....Mr Staggs, I hope you read this too....Meg Croftin I hope you read this and take it serious now. You did not before.. ..Leslie and all the rest that were involved, personally I hope you read this and also take this serious now..David, I can not tell you how disgusted we are that you could even believe an ice cream social or a publix cake was ok. .Personally there are people in my opinion that should not have jobs over this issue. They lied at our loss.. Bottom line is that..This employee that destroyed this may not have intentionally did it, but if you do read this, you all should be ashamned and have apologized at the least.You could not have missied this cake in the window. The room was decorated. This cake was NEVER EATEN..Disney removed it.. There were several families here...If it was intentional on Disney's part, it was a sick joke....Our grandchildren are devistated over this. Emotional yes...of course we were and still are... maybe this may not have been important to Disney employees, but to us, this was important and a life event that can not be replaced. Disney laughed it off.

My one thanks is to the employee decorator that was honest with us. Thank you.

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