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This is my email to Disney Guest Services about my bad experience with a Cast Member from the ECV rental at EPCOT's International Gateway.

To begin with my friends and family are all annual pass holder and we love everything Disney but honestly after this experience some of the magic just died for me, especially my fiancé, my family and friends! What a horrible experience with the Cast Member Abel at the EPCOT ECV rental International Gateway location on Saturday November 8, 2014 at around 5:40 PM.

My fiancé is a Navy veteran from the Gulf War (Suez Canal) unfortunately he came back with chronic Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). War veterans are commonly at risk for this disorder, that being said the following is what happened exactly as I recall and it was only two days ago so my memory is very fresh considering it was one of the most negative experiences I've ever had on Disney property with a Disney Cast Member. I unfortunately was unable to go to Guest relations directly that day (11/8/2014) because of time constrains so I opted to write an email.

On November 8, 2014 at around 5:40 PM I went to the ECV rental location to return my ECV and get a park hopper receipt so that I can get another ECV at Disney Hollywood Studios. As I was talking to your Cast Member Abel (trying very hard to understand him because he had a very heavy accent I believe Haitian or French) my fiancé was patiently waiting for me to my left side. I was facing the register so my left side had hanging collapsible red strollers and an open space with a couple of beige non-collapsible strollers parked against the back wall with a map drawing on it. My fiancé was drawn to the map on the back wall because he loves maps and map drawings so he walked towards the back to get a better look and continue to patiently wait for me to finish with the Cast Member Abel.

As I was trying to communicate with the Cast Member on what the procedure was to get another ECV at Disney Hollywood Studio he glanced to his left and saw that my fiancé was looking admirably at the map and right out YELLED at him like if he was committing a horrible crime!

All my fiancé was doing was admiring a map waiting patiently for me to finish up. I looked at him and knew right away that he was affected by the yelling. Unfortunately, when a person suffers from chronic PTSD you can not yell at him suddenly or for that matter yell at him at all EVER. Not to say that any adult should ever get yelled at but especially no one with PTSD!

Granted Abel would not have known that he suffered from PTSD but still why yell at him at all! Why yell at anyone ever especially a Cast Member from Disney! Why not tell him nicely that he walked into a restricted area, he had no clue it was a restricted area, there are absolutely no signs indicating that he was not allowed to go to the back wall! Its not like he was behind Abel at his register, he was actually all the way to the left of the register at the back wall the one with the map painted on it with the parked beige strollers.

My fiancé now wants to never set foot in Disney again and because of that one incident and the way home on Sunday was just plain horrible!!! Being from South Dade Florida we've gone to Disney so many times before and never have we had this problem ever. As a matter of fact one of the main reasons we go to Disney is so that he can try to forget his past, and the trauma war causes at the "Happiest Place on Earth". But when you get yelled at for no reason its very hard to associate a happy place with yelling. We would love to stay annual pass holders, we do love Disney and my fiancé did too because it did help him forget the past war battles. I guess it will take a lot of convincing him to ever want to go to the Parks again because as he sees it all he was doing was admiring the world map!

I really would appreciate a follow up to my email so that I know that at least Disney still somewhat cares for its patrons. May I be so bold as to suggest that the Cast Member Abel be re-trained (I didn't write this with the intentions of harming his livelihood at all) maybe he just needs sensitive training towards people with disabilities, including PTSD not just physical disabilities plus maybe place a rope or signs telling the patrons not to pass towards the back. Thank you for your time.

I didn't like: Customer service by cast member.

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Did he actually yell at your fiance or did he raise his voice so your fiance would hear him? There is a difference, you know.

A place like Disney World can be loud and sometimes the cast members have to raise their voices to be heard, that does not necessarily mean they are yelling AT someone, more like yelling TO someone. My grandfather suffered from ptsd (he passed away recently) and I understand the symptoms. He was actually a prisoner of war and my brother and I always had to be very careful what kind of games we played while he was around. For example, an innocent game of cops and robbers would end in him having a flashback and him tackling people, which was very scary when I was a kid.

Because of this, we never went to theme parks or other crowded destinations where there might be loud, sudden sounds when we were all going on vacation together.

Just like with physical disabilities, this one also limits what a person is able to do. I'm sorry you're fiance was distressed, but maybe Disney is not the best place for him to unwind.

Orlando, Florida, United States #901034

Today I had several cms yell in my ear on purpose rudely. Just to mess with me.

I filed complaints against one. One female at a ticket counter talk down to me badly and she's done that before. Two women bully me at a ride and ignore me when I tried to talk to me and they gave me dirty looks. One male slam a ride shut really hard and the noise was painful.

Did it only to me. Cast members are crazy people. They use their shltty positions to abuse people. I went to lost and found once and bob was so rude to me and yelled at me for trying to pick up an item then got a customer to join in on being rude to me.

I got put down for losing an item too by a female and lectured.

Was told to move several times during a parade by a rude cast member for no reason once and then he let ten people stand where I was at after he harassed me and a friend. Cast members are messed up sick people.

Orlando, Florida, United States #901032

Disney cast members are immature college kids on powertrips who abuse guests for sport. When I go to any said park I am generally mistreated by cast members

4-7 times and worse than what ur husband dealt with.

They're shltty people. That's just how Disney is these days.

Only parks with decent cms is Hollywood studios and some parts of Epcot. The rest

Is a joke

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #900853

I'm sorry your husband has ptsd, but come on now, he can't be that sensitive, and he also is an adult who should be able to tell where he can and can't go, and it sounds like all the cast member did was tell him he was in a restricted area. If you really expect to go through life and never have anyone raise their voice to him you are being pretty unrealistic.

I can understand loud noises like fire works or explosions, or the gyser st WL bothering him, but you are really making a big deal out of nothing. People are going to raise their voices to him, it is the real world.

to katelyn #949862

Why would anyone need to raise their voice and yell at someone before asking them politely to return from a restricted area??? There is no reason to treat anyone with such disrespect regardless of what they may have done wrong.

You clearly have no clue what customer service means. Abel could have began by asking him not to go back there as opposed to instantly yelling at him like he was a dog disobeying.

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #899695

I apologize that someone yelled at your husband. Obviously that kind of behavior is rude and uncalled for.

However, of the thousands of employees that work for Disney, you should not let one bad apple destroy your "magic". You also took a big chance traveling to the busiest place in the world, hoping that even innocent yelling (from excited kids lets just say), could have effected your husband. Maybe try avoiding the parks next time and stay at one of the beautiful resorts. The deluxe resorts can be very relaxing and alot quieter then any of the parks.

My personal favorite is the Grand Floridian. I thank your husband for his service to this country and wish him well.

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