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I ordered a few movies for gift's that the Disney Movie Club was offering on line at a discount. Shortly, afterward's I began receiving movies that I hadn't ordered in the mail and my credit card was being charged full prise.

I contacted DMC customer service where I was informed that when I ordered the first movies I joined the club. I was told that another movie was already on it's way to me and that I had one more movie to receive to fulfil my membership, otherwise; I would be charged full prise for all the movies I had received which would cost alot more. I made my choice of a movie to complete this so called membership. I received this movie and then contacted DMC customer service to cancel membership.

Again I was told that I had one more movie I had to get before I could cancel. At this time I cancelled my credit card. This slowed them down for awhile, however; today I received two movies that I did not order from DMC in the mail with a bill stating pay immediately. I contacted DMC again, and unbelievabley again I was informed that I had one more movie.

I informed them that I would not pay for any movies that they sent me so I suggested that they stop.

At which time I was informed that I would be sent another movie and if I didn't pay for it It would be turned over to collection. This is written notification to cancel me, send postage paid packaging and I will return the unused unpaid for movies sent to me and if this is not resloved immediately I will contact my attorney.

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Anita: were you ignoring the cards in the mail that stated they would send a certain movie and that you had a certain amount of time to respond to accept the movie or decline? By ignoring the cards, you have 'accepted' the movie.

Also you MUST read the FINE PRINT!! ALWAYS!

Ive done dvd and book memberships and have never had any problems. Yours is a problem of not reading the instructions and ignoring the reminder cards.


This is another case of hey I can get 4 dvds for 1.99 ea and do nothing. Terms CLEARLY state you must purchase 5 more at regular price to complete the commitment.

I did that a year ago with no real issues and cancelled then redid it again.

I buy the movies anyway. I've never had trouble.


Anita, stop with the attorney thing. You don't have an attorney.

Come on now ... let's be realistic. You didn't take the time to read the fine print, you committed yourself to the subscription and now think that you can throw words like "attorney" around to compensate for your own lack of intelligence. Next time, either read the fine print or sleep in the bed you made by being ***.

See Ann?

Next time, do what she did. She's smart -- learn from others and good luck!


I joined the club, had no trouble understanding the rules, paid my money, got my movies, and cancelled after I had completed the requirements. Can't you read???


I hope you don't think that your "contacting my attorney" threat was supposed to accomplish anything. My experience is that 99% of the people claiming to have attorneys have in fact only had relationships with Public Defenders when they were incarcerated.

FYI, your Public Defender won't handle Civil Matters. :grin :grin :grin :grin


Price is spelled price, not prise



I see you spoke with one of our Cast Members and your account has been closed effective July 13, 2010. I would like to discuss your experience so we can learn and grow from it. Please feel free to contact me on my direct line 800-459-7002. I look forward to speaking with you!

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