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What in God's name have you done to the face of President Donald Trump?It is appearent that whoever designed and molded his face for the Presidential robot is a Republican hating Democrat.

There is no way this robot resembles Donald Trump and once again he is being attacked by the media, and now Disney, Inc. I suggest you close this attraction and perhaps use it as a zombie exhibit somewhere. Until you decide to become politically neutral, I will make it my lifelong goal to bash, expose, and boycott ALL Disneyland affiliated parks and associates. This was a deliberate attack on our president and Disney Inc.

allowed this humiliation to occur.I don't want to hear that this is an accurate likeness when we all know it is hideouse mockery.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Close Exhibit and make corrections to the robotic face of President Trump..

I didn't like: Hall of presidents.


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What are you talking about? They even made his hands bigger, and they sanitized his foul mouth.

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