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First we want everyone to know our first trip ti DW was in 1983 with our children. My wife and myself have visited DW 20 and have never had a poor opinionof any of our visitsuntil our February trip this year.

In our opinion the new fast pass policy is absolutelu unfair to anyone who park hops or even stays in one park.

We have park hopped for yearrs and the policyof three fast passes in one day in one park is crazy.You pay $25 to hop, but can not get a fast pass in the second park. Also you get only one pass for a "premium" ride.

This policy has left us with a poor opinion of Disney and the upper managementtha formulated this policy. It will take a lot of soul searching for us to consider returning to DW.

Bob and Juanita

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #815415

Well that is totally untrue. You can make three fastpass in advance, once those have been used, you can make additional fastpass one at time, and this does include making the fastpass at a different park.

to ninjat #815507

They changed their policy after receiving many many complaints. In Jan,Feb, and March it was the bad way.

to ninjat #1113044

And anything good being left to reserve is sooooo totally likely! Not! Just shut your face!

Dothan, Alabama, United States #815151

Completely agree. It seems as if someone sat down and came up with the worst system they could dream up!

We are going for 2 weeks, but can only plan 7 days at a time. Week 2 of our fast passes at all. We have been annual passholders for 10 years.

Done with that! :(

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