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My family of 5 went on vacation to Disney World last April. On the first day we were there I was injured while sitting in my wheel chair at the 9:00 electric parade.

Workers were clearing the street to get ready for the parade to make its way down the street. People were crowding the sidewalks and being told to get behind the taped off lines. I was in a handicapped area on the edge of the tape. One of the employees pushed the crowd back and a child fell on my foot crushing it into the foot peg of the wheel chair.

Our vacation was drastically altered due to the injury I received. I was not able to put any weight on my foot and the pain was unbearable. I couldn't sit in the wheel chair all day at the parks while I was in so much pain. I caused us to get to the parks late in the day and we left early.

There were even a few parks that we missed going to because I was not able to travel.Although we had tickets for 7 different parks, I was unable to attend them. I needed to get back to New York and to a doctor. Needless to say, we left before our scheduled date. When I got back to N.Y.

I was hospitalized and my toes were removed from the damage done.I contacted Disney and they sent me an offer of a partial refund of less than $250 for the almost $4000 we spent for our vacation. I don't want their money. I want to replace the vacation as it was our life savings and the only vacation we have had as a family other than camping.

It took us years of saving to plan this once in a lifetime trip for us. All I wanted was another shot at this vacation that was supposed to be what dreams are made of.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1214608

First of all if a child fell on you that is not Disney's fault they can not control the actions of every guest. Second that is not an injury that is gangrene , there is no way gangrene could be caused by a child falling on you.

Also even if you include water parks there are only 6 parks, so having tickets to 7 would be impossible.

Disney does not have a handicapped viewing area for parades, so again , another whole in your story. Its a shame you are trying to blame some child and Disney for gangrene.

to Anonymous #1346354


meaning injury was ignored till it got real bad

Irving, Texas, United States #1181798

You need to contact a lawyer and sue the mess out of them. You lost your toes for God's sake.

I feel so bad for you.

I hope you are generously compensated. Good luck to you.❤

to Anonymous California, United States #1189723

How convenient that this supportive comment comes from a town you have relatives in.

to Anna #1384677


to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1221641

Wow you are beyond *** if you think losing her toes was Disney's fault, or the fault of a little girl. It's because she is a fat diabetic who scarfed down tons of sugar until she got gangrene .

She is lucky she just lost toes and not her whole leg. Her poor management of diabetis is all that's to blame here.


1. Your injury was your own fault.

Disney doesn't have handicap parade viewing so there is fault #1.

2.A trip to Disney would never be only $4,000 no matter how much you stretch your money

3.Disney only has 6 parks Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, and Typhoon Lagoon. Disney Springs is not a park and does not require a ticket for admission.


If you were truly injured and it was Disneys fault your whole vacation would have been comped. As a cast member at a resort, managers refund nights for so much less than injuries.

You're full of ***

to Anonymous California, United States #1189729

While some of your points are valid, others are wrong. It is easy to spend $4000.

A family of four, let's say, with a three night stay at the resort, including food and other sundries can easily hit the mark.

Disney does have handicapped parade viewing. It's usually taped off.

Disney rarely comps anything and, in this case, they didn't need too and am glad they didn't because this injury didn't happen the way the poster states.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1276899

Check your dates at the time that this happened in 2013 there was no handicapped viewing for parades, and I have been comped tons of stuff by Disney, food, extra fastpasses, room upgrades ect. now as far as the poster she is full of it.

to Anonymous #1383782

Reread before you make yourself look stupid the comment says "there is no way your trip would have ONLY been 4000 meaning it would be more than 4000.

to Anonymous #1590572

I agree with you except the $4000 bit. That’s nuts! I’ve never spent more than a few hundred bucks!


I cannot believe we have so many clueless gullible people here who cannot use common sense. Some people see through her scam.

I may add some things that you can think of. This scammer claims that she was so badly injured at Disney that she was in pain for days and had to have her toes amputated. Now she wants $4000 to go back to Disney, a place where she was in so much pain and lost her toes. Anyone that had such a terrible experience would never want to return because this would trigger bad memories.

She claimed she did not go to a lawyer because she is not that type of person. Well, the real reason she did not go to a lawyer is she knew she would lose her case as this is more about her not taking care of her diabetes.

While I do feel bad for her losing her toes it is her own fault for not taking care of herself and she is trying to get money from Disney for her negligence. Wonder is she will spend the money on Disney something else.


Nice try!!!! After having buyer's remorse for spending her "life savings" on a trip to Disney, this liar tries to blame Disney for her decaying diabetic feet as a means of recouping her money while still being able to enjoy the vacation.

And when called out on it, tries to deny her lies with even more unconvincing lies! Lol!


That was not caused by a child falling on you, that is straight up gangrene caused by not properly managing your diabetes. This is not the fault of the child nor Disney the only person to blame for this is YOU.


That to me looks like frostbite nothing a child wood do by falling on it. The toes are already dead look at the foot looks like cold got to it not a child I could be wrong but I have seen frostbite and it looks like that or you have diabetes real bad.

to Anonymous #1346355

"child wood"

firewood brought in the house by a kid?


Wow, you expect a free vacation because a child fell on your foot. In what way is it Disney's fault that a child fell on you?

Could you please explain that? Last, time I checked the place was called The Magic Kingdom not Mickey's Daycare. Are they just supposed to put you some where that some lesser guest can't breathe on or touch you? And as someone else already stated fron wheels on wheel chairs don't have spokes so there is an inconsistency right there.

Most of my family is diabetic and I have seen what can happen from improper management of your diabetes. I don't know why Disney would even offer $250 when they are at fault for nothing. And why on earth is a Disney employee supposed to leave there job and push you to the exit.

That is not their job, that screams liability. No one to blame here dear but you and poor diabetic care.


That's not a crush injury. That is either frostbite or damage from poor circulation due to diabetes with obesity.

Did you immediately go to First Aid or ask for assistance? I'm guessing you continued watching the parade. Did you visit any one of the numerous urgent care centers nearby because of your pain? Your neglect of YOUR injury is not Disney's fault.

How could you possibly get your toes trapped in the spokes of the wheelchair when the wheels nearest your feet are prohibited, by laws dictating the manufacturing of wheelchairs, from having spokes? Are you saying you someone had your feet trapped in the large wheels BEHIND you?

Also, to have a child cause such traum, if at all possible, would've required you to be wearing flip flops or no shoes at all.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #963329

This is just another case of the ever growing entitlement syndrome toward Disney by handicapped guests. They don't want to be treated equal they want to be treated better than everyone else.How is it possibly Disney's fault that a child fell on you.

Did Mickey push the child on you? This is not a result of this poor child falling anyway. This injury is a result of poor blood sugar management and nothing else.

Get over it. There is no one to blame for this but you.

Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States #944055

Coming into this late but let's be clear about this, Disney didn't step on your feet. Your cause of action is with the child or the parents who could not control him.

According to your post, after receiving this injury you went days without medical care, waiting until you made it back to NY before seeking any care? Sorry, this one's on you.

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