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Dec 22-28 2018 NHB GP Gaming

First off you could not move in these parks. I understand It was going to be a little crazy around xmas time, But I was not thinking I was going on Vacation to the walking dead. Me and my brother stayed at the port Orleans French qu. Loved the resort staff was great i would stay there in a heartbeat again. but the parks on the other hand that would be a different story.

No crowd control non what so ever. staff could only do so much just standing around you know. People driving around with disabled carts nothing wrong with them, watched people go into stores walk around buy stuff get back on they're carts hit people drive off.

Big Family's like 6 or more walk side by side and block the whole road. come on people.Stop in the middle of the road block it. I would not be so mad if it only happened every once or twice an hour but every 10 seconds. Look man I am walking around these four parks with my disabled brother. it is hard enough to keep up with his safety let alone watch out for other people running him over. Disney staff isn't watching. "They don't get paid enough to care". I understand!

Lets talk fastpass - what a joke! make your fastpass 3 to 6 months! so you do, you plan your deluxe dining plan perfect or so you think, and then BAAAMMMMM,

Parade You can not get to the other side of the park. Magic Kingdom. Three different times, i lost count how many fastpass we missed out on. and dining we just did not use at all.

Hollywood Studios was so packed you could not move. they was doing a star wars parade and made it impossible to move. just to many people disney. Disney there has got to be a limit to the people to these parks. when there is to many people at the parks the magic dies. Me and me brother saw the I. Jones show and Had to leave cause we had a lunch at Irish pub so we did no return to Hollywood. Didn't seem worth it.

Disney Springs Irish Pub - I about Died Laughing "Thought Of My Dog"

Me and this family of 4 stood at this Hollywood bus stop and watched this bus driver set in her bus for one hour and do nothing then looked over at us fired her bus up 20 minutes later picked us up. so guess what once again me and my bro late for something else. get back to resort to ferry to spring look for pub girl at desk understands my story about being almost 2 hours late, gets us a table in like 3 minutes amazing. I do not know her name but thank you baby girl.

Anyways, we set down order some beer that was just nasty, but my fault for choosing that! but the food the brought out to me come in a bowl just like like my puppy dogs, just like it. i could not get over it. and inside the bowl was roast beef the same thing i feed my puppy dog. my brother almost spit out his food and said the only thing you are missing is the water bowl!

Also this pub showed on the disney website that it did some kind of show. and unless i was mislead somewhere I did not see this anywhere. So do not go here. I did not care for this place. But Our server girl was so nice friendly and helpful in every way tho. so not all bad. she was so cool.

The bathrooms in the parks could have been more cleaner in the parks, but this is not Disney fault this time. i saw so many grown men take paper towls use them and then just throw them on the ground.

I did see something that just mad me mad and i had to say something. I was headed over to one of the smoking areas in the magic kingdom and i looked over and this one little child was taking a wee out in the open, so i looked at the parents and said Hey you going to check that up? I bet 25,30 people turned and looked right at me when I said it, And if you was there over xmas week 2018 you know who i am. the mother ducked her head down under her stroller. You just should not have to see things like that on your holiday. Is all i am saying.

I could not get why people or the crowd could not walk on the right side of the road. Ok, the people from Asia, and India that was there maybe you get a pass on this one Lol, but really, everybody just American footballed there way passed everything. You would just think a company as big as Disney would have crowd control down to an art. im from the Midwest, ever been to a concert?

Family's that had strollers with 3 wide kids, man when they run over your toes several hundred times, it hurts. When disability carts run over your toes several hundred times, it hurts. I would not complain so much about this one so much but everybody had it out for just my right foot and toes. Geez!

The rides kept on breaking down. My poor brother waiting in line three times for this dinosaur ride for like 115 and each time he made it inside the building it broke down. so on the forth time I waited the 55 wait time with him and we made it inside the building and yes indeed it broke down. we left the park. there was another ride in epcot that broke down twice on us early in the day speed track and that wait time was way way way way long.

We never got to get on any of the Pandora rides the wait times was to long. and even from 3 months ago i could not get a fastpass. everst was a loss too.

Another thing where was all the characters? like the Queen of hearts, Figment, Poo, Pigment, Alice,Mad Hatter, Etc.. I saw none of these i saw mickey and all them but none of my favs, not a one!

Hall Of Pres! Needs to be updated! or somebody should read a history book.

1950's History's not todays standard!

Forgot about American Indians I think! "In the story"

Disney website, Disney YouTube People make it seem Disney Epcot is so big you can not walk it in one day. Thats a laugh. you can, yes you can.

Watch your laptop on the wifi down there logged on AV went crazy. took a screen shot and started recording my laptop something or someone one was attacking my ASUS ROG. Told my brother to watch of course told him i was recording i watched as my rog was being remote and someone was going threw my 970 evo drive. It had nothing but games on it anyways, as I am A Gamer. after a few minutes i killed it and the remote locked it out, never logged backed in, and system restore. so be careful.

The deluxe dining plan we could not use because we could not get around the crowd or the parade to get to anything on time. so props to you on the one Disney. I sure tried to use the heck out that plan tho!

I could not get into the hot tube at the resort there was always people in it and the pool area I wish just stayed open all the time or at least just the hot tube for adults. I was looking forward to that hot tube and all i got to do Is see it. come to think about it thats about all i got out of this trip was seeing things. a bunch of people.

Thanks Disney not only do I never want to go to Anything Disney Again I never want to go on vacation ever again because this one really was that bad.

To be honest with you I think this is the most nasty place I have ever been too.

I felt more crept out, And unsafe then anywhere in the world. Good Luck!

Here's a screen of my AV. Encase Disney you think im just having a magic moment

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $8700.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Entire resort and staff.

I didn't like: Any of the parks.

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You do realize that a majority of the whole planet is non Christian. That there are plenty of people who do not celebrate YOUR religious holiday. Try and remember that next time you wish to plan a trip on one of those holidays.


So you go at literally the most crowded time of the year and you are mad that it is crowded? And just saying i have been on Christmas week before and yes it is crowded, but nothing like what you are saying.

From your complaint you are just mad that anyone else dared to want to be there , or ride any rides or use anything that you wanted to. You are mad at Disney because of people and their bad parenting, yu know in this day and age if Disney tried to intervene someone would be offended and a lawsuit would ensue.

to Anonymous #1621889

Anonymous to coward to leave a name cool I will go with that. My review was not good enough on this site although my Youtube, Mixer,Twitch,Facebook, and others will show with video just what I was talking about.

Next I am guessing you must be one of the familys running 6 deep into a crowd. You are either: A: Employee of Disney "Talking Air" B: One of the familys that killed the parks for everyone else There are only 2 choices here, A or B You choose.

And by the way looking around the internet here seems to me there seems to be more 80 percent people left the parks made during xmas week 20 percent happy. Disney had a ton of complaints.

to CriticalLionfish #1623305

You are blaming Disney and throwing out insults because you did not bother to do any research, and you want to throw insults at those of us who do our research and make our ADR and reservations so that we have the best possible trip. The complaints are from people like you who have entitlement syndrome and think they should open the parks just for them.

You went at the absolute busiest time of the year and lo and behold it's busy there are others there how dare other people want to go to Disney at the same time you want to go. Five minutes of research would tell you how busy it is going to be. And no I am not a Disney employee nor do I even have 6 people in my party, and in your entitled opinion anyone who goes to Disney and does their research and makes all their fastpass and ADR is ruining Disney. No we do our research , we know the parks inside and out , we know how everything works so that we have the best possible trip.

Do not blame me and those like me for doing our research and planning just because you didn't. If you just show up at Disney and do no planning no research, do not make you fastpasses and ADR you will have a bad trip and that is no one fault but your own.

And your point about complaints is invalid, only people who cause themselves to have a bad tripmake these complaints. Try looking at all the Disney forums and you will see the thousands of people that are more than happy with thier Disney experience.

to CriticalLionfish #1623350

What a loser.... You pulled two of the most popular loser retorts known to man.

1-Suggesting someone must work for a place when they disagree with your banal and lame comment 2-Criticizing someone for not leaving a name while using a silly moniker themselves or is your name CriticalLionFish?

It's probably too late but I'll take a shot anyway....Please do not reproduce... Lame...


Wow....this complaint just proves that you didn't do a lot of research as Christmas is literally the busiest time at the parks. That said, we were there the same week and had none of these issues.

Sounds like maybe Disney might not be the place for you.

And your title "I'm Never Going on Vacation ANYWHERE Again".....you are clearly a drama queen. Perhaps staying home is best.

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