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I spent a whole week in Orlando. That included visiting the 4 themed parks of Walt Disney World Resort and Water Parks. Everything was all right regardless of how crowded they were and that this is a very hot summer. Everything, but the way they treat their customers in the Downtown Marina. This place rents super small boats that you can ride through some water channels that communicate Downtown Disney to some of their resorts.

I had to rent 2 boats, as I was travelling with my 2 kids, and the small boats are only good for 2 passengers. So I drove one and brought along my little girl, and my 13 year old took the other one by himself. It was supposed to be a calm and pleasant morning, relaxing after all the park visiting we did.

15 minutes after we started the "tour", my kid's boat stopped all of a sudden. I had to switch places amid the channel to start the boat again. We headed back and again it went dead. The fourth time, a rescue boat came in for assistance. As you can imagine, it was a very stressing hour for both of my kids, hoping neither of us would fall into the black weeded water. The weather was close to 100 degrees and I was soaking wet performing my stunt act again and again.

When we finally came back to the dock assisted by the emergency boat, I received the worst possible treatment from the Disney people that runs the place. I call for the manager and the reaction of the staff was "he's not here", ok, so can you page him, and all I got back was the "don't make us work" look, and the "just pay and go away" attitude.

Finally he showed up. As I finally explained our situation, and asking him what was in order, he paused and finally said. Ok, just pay for one boat and I'll waive the other one. So now I was supposed to pay for spending my morning trying to make one of their boats work, for getting all soaked in 100 degrees temperature by doing this, and for spending the rest of this rental riding back in a rescue boat!! You can imagine how many colors my face went though when heard this from Alex the "manager".

My question for the Disney company that manages the Orlando Walt Disney World Resort is what is the value of a morning spent in stress because of your negligence to have the equipment running as it should? Why should any of your customers have to feel like receiving insult to injury, as opposed to "how can we make it up for you, sir?", "we are so sorry for what you and your kids had to go through, but here is a coupon for whatever"

It is Very clear that the management of the Disney Marina is clueless of what means customer care and customer satisfaction.

I hope I can hear of them someday, expressing the right words, the right attitude and the right way to look into the eyes of the little customers that tomorrow will spend their dollars in the WDW with their own kids, knowing that in Disney, after all, were able to fix the ignorant and uncourteous manners of totally untrained personnel at the Downtown Disney Marina.

Here is the e mail from the manager, after I insisted that all I wanted was a mail from whomever was responsible, so they would take notice and avoid this would happen to future customers. As you can see it's not the maintenance dept. responsible for their boats, it's all because of the hot weather.I am still scratching my head thinking how my boat did work and why on earth would you open the Marina if all of the boats can drop dead if the weather is hot. Again, this was not a nice proactive mail. I needed it to prove the management that this really happened.

De: Nowak, Sarah []

Enviado el: viernes, 05 de agosto de 2011 03:47 p.m.

Para: Javier Vega Flores

Asunto: Downtown Disney Marina

Mr. Vega,

I'm writing to you in regards to a compliant you had at the Downtown Disney marina on August 5, 2011. I understand that you had a boat break down and lake patrol had to tow you in. I understand you were also not charged for both of your boats for the inconvenience. I apologize that your boat broke down. We ensure our boats are properly working every day and do keep them on a regular schedule for maintenance. With our warmer weather, the boats tend to perform differently when it becomes extremely hot, which it has been 95+ degrees each day. We will continue to make sure our boats are running properly each and every day. Again, I apologize you had this inconvenience and if there is anything else I can do to assist you please let me know.

Have a good day,

Sarah Nowak

Recreation Guest Service Manager

Sassagoula Region

Downtown Disney Marina, Disney's Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter Resorts

407-934-5958 tieline 8-285

DC# 162*133*12936

Monetary Loss: $300.

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