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I went to disney on the fourth of July and got screwed. I got there at 10:30 and when we did they informed us that it would be ok to leave go back to the hotel rest awhile and come back and we didn't have to pay again just show our tickets....yeah right.

We didn't get back in. Plus they didn't even let us in. We spent 400 dollars for just tickets. I am going to try and get replacement tickets if not I am going to slap a lawsuite on them.

If the same thing happened to you and want to join me contact me at

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Disney customer service has been awful for the past two years. My spouse works for Disney and agrees!!!He is a high level manager.

Also, I am a stockholder and only hold on to Disney because they make their stockholders moo-lah.

They could care less about the customers. They treat their employees horrible (their hourly employees who have no power)

Go to SeaWorld, email me if you wish


Let's see. You went to Magic Kingdom on the 4th of July. It is ALWAYS crowded on that day & other major holidays. The park closes due to overcapacity. Magic Kingdom can only hold a certain amount of people at one time. Too many people will cause a fire hazard that Disney, not you, will have to pay for. Here's a suggestion: go to another park. WDW has three more theme parks, two water parks, a Downtown Disney area, and tons of other things. I've lived in Orlando for nearly two years and I went to the parks all the time.

To Laura:

YOU NEED TO SHUT YOUR MOUTH!! It's nice that you make more than $7.50/hr, but it doesn't give you the right to treat cast members like ***. They bust their butts all day in the hot Florida sun & put up with your 'childish' bull *** just so the guests can have a 'magical' vacation, and they get very little pay in return. They are human beings just like you. They have bills to pay, families to feed, & a life outside of Disney.

You and the original poster should do ALL Disney cast members a favor and never come back to Disney. That way, both parties will be so much happier.



to you EX or Current LAZY disney cast members commenting on this site, please remember you guys really suck and that we have legitimate complaints. We make more than 7.50 an hour like you guys so we expect top notch service and since you guys are too *** to provide that or give us all the information we are continually disappointed.

for example, if you dont TELL us about the rules or over capacity etc, we just believe what you lazy sorry idiots tell us. so stop commenting on these consumers complaints, you are lazy sorry and should be working digging ditches.

stop smoking your *** and find a real job. thanks

to laura #612527

to it sounds like YOU and most of these complainers are the ones who are too lazy to read your ticket stubs and all the other rules that are posted! These workers don't get paid or have the time to tell every guest every single rule out's your effin responsibility to learn the rules yourself!

So get off your lazy @$$ and perhaps you should get a job because clearly you have no idea how the workforce actually works! :grin

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #47679

Well if you do end up winning the "lawsuite" as you spell it, may suggest you take an English course with the money you win and rewrite this letter so it looks like it has been written by an adult instead of a nine year old.


I went to disney world in florida this past Janurary for my honeymoon, and had a great time. With thousands of people there, some kind of way the cast members made up feel like we where the only two people there.

Being newly wed, they allowed us to cut in some lines for rides, and other small treats that made us feel special.

I would def. recommend it to anyone for there honeymoon.


Stop Complaining. Whaaa Im going to sue disney because they wouldn't let me back in the park Whaaaa, whaaa.

You sound like my four year old.

Figure out what the rules are before you make a decision with your money. I loathe people like you.


yeah- going on the 4th was not the smartest time to go leave and expect to come back before fireworks. Any major holiday so crowded the 4th is probably only headed by Christmas and New Years. Next time just plan on leaving later then that day and get your rest- that way even if you only go on a ride or 2 because of line times, you'll at least get your fireworks at night.


When I worked Guest Relations at the parks you do not know how many times I wanted to scream What the Heck Do You expect. You chose to come to the park on a day that most people have off and they plan to go somewhere with their family (YOU and couple other thousands of families).

The firemarshal sets the amount of people that are allowed in the parks and Disney cannot override it or change it. That is why on the ticket it does say that Parks can close due to capacity.


Disney on the 4th is a hassle, as well as Christmas, New Years and all the other big holidays. There is always a risk of leaving the park and not being able to get back in due to the park(s) reaching its capacity. This should be made more clear by Disney Castmembers when guests are leaving the parks on these days, I agree, but when a park is at capacity, it's now a problem that extends to regulatory guidelines and not meant to *** you off.


Ok the reason you couldn't get back in may have been because there was an event that night that required an extra charge other than your normal disney MYW ticket/hopper. In that case they close the park earlier than normal operating days and require you purchase the party/event ticket to get in.I have been to DisneyLAND in cal and they close the gates temporary for crowd control and max loads but I have not seen it in Florida. However if there were not an extra event or party requiring an additional fee than the crowd control may have been the case.

Park Hills, Missouri, United States #28338

Well Duh.............You went to Disney on July 4th. Everyone knows that the major holidays, school vacations, etc., are crowded with people.

What did you expect. We have been numerous times including Mickeys not so scary Halloween and have had nothing but excellent service, polite and courteous staff, and wonderful and magical vacations.

Stay home in bed for the week I think you will enjoy it more. :cry

Port Hadlock-Irondale, Washington, United States #22145

Be glad you were not at epcot. I went to disney this year for my honeymoon and hated it because of all the tour groups for brazil. I have a complaint against disney for I am disabled and had to wait 2 hours on the 1st at animal kingdom cause drivers would refuse to board me with my electric wheelchair.

Port Hadlock-Irondale, Washington, United States #22143

Actually if my memory is correct if you are staying in the park you are always able to get into the park it is guest who are staying outside of the park who are told that the park is full.

East Palestine, Ohio, United States #21334

You forget to mention that it was the busiest day of the year, and Magic Kingdom probably reached its capacity. There is a nice little entity, known as the government, which enforces these neat things called fire codes.

Therefore, the park can only allow so many peope in at a time. If you leave and come back, you always use the same tickets.

However, you chose to go to the busiest theme park in the world on the busiest day of the year. If the park is full, it's full.

Rowan, Iowa, United States #21226

Got ripped off on July 4th

at Disney

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