Short and Simple. There is no place to go and complain about anything regarding Disney World.

I spend over three hundred dollars in tickets for two rides. At magic Kingdom, most of the rides were out of service. It literally took an entire day just to get on 2 rides. My 6 year old daughter was so disappointed and I was so upset.

This is definitely going down hill. The place is not being kept up and it looks dirty. Save your money and go to old town in Kissimmee.

You will have a better time there! Don't get suckered in, it is child abuse to put your children through what we wne through!

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #743537

They post the rehab months in advance and rarely have more than one rehab at a time going on. I have been there at the busiest times of the year and rode everything I wanted to ride, and on most days I have five rides done by 10:39 am!

Brandon, Florida, United States #713955

Old Town? Disney is child abuse but take them to Old Town?


There are more than two rides in the Magic Kingdom. One area is being refurbished, Fantasyland.

I can count at least 5 rides in all of the other areas.

As mentioned before, there are signs at the entrance of the park and some research would have told you this information before you planned your trip. Yes, Disney is expensive and I would suggest to anyone about to spend that kind of money, do some research first!!


Wait times and ride closures are posted on many free apps and online. Refurbs are posted months in advance and normally coincide with low periods of attendance in the fall and winter months.

The best way to tour is with planning. One can ride several attractions in the first hour after rope drop.

Disney has a lot to offer besides the rides that require no lines. I've spent countless hours chatting with cast members from around the world and other guests while waiting, which just adds to the magic.


I have serious trouble believing that anyone could manage not to ride more than 5 rides. There is something the guest isn't telling us correctly in this case.


One word.... Universal.


THESE SHOULD HELP...Robert.A.Iger@email.disney.com ;


This is directed at Andy. Yes I am a former cast member but I hated every moment of it so I am not here blindly defending Disney.

Are they money grubers? Sure. Is everything about the bottom dollar? Of course!

With that said I want to say that it is just my opinion, that a lot of things do fall onto the guest. Think about it Cast Members get silly questions all day, "When is the 3:00 parade?", and yeah as a college educated individual who can pass any reading test I would look at them as if they are a little crazy. Disney puts everything out there in written form if you miss it or care not to read it that then becomes your problem.

Cast Members that see 10,000 people a day, while trying to maintain some composure, are human and do not always remember that this may be you first time at Disney. In the case of Disney they are hoping and praying that you do not research and read everything because then they mke a huge profit with a very stable and reusable product.


I have been reading through the complaints, and the comments are always from Disney lovers trying to blame the complainer. That's not the purpose here I'd think.

Disney DOES make mistakes. Don't be so rude as to blame a park guest for their mistakes. Yes, the parks are crowded in the summer - and yes rides might be closed down. It isn't the guests fault.

Disney should have other options if rides are closed to keep their customers busy (and happy). They should also clearly post at the front of the park - before tickets are purchased - what is closed and what isn't.

If a person is having THAT much trouble, a visit to guest relations should clear it with a comp ticket to another park to be used that same day that has less construction or problems. Disney's customer service has eroded over the past 10 years and anyone denying it - is either an employee - or in their own fantasy world.


They are doubling the size of Fantasyland, a project that has been going on you a year or so - to do this some things must be closed. Did you do any research? Also if you travelled in the summer and did not research how to efficiently tour then the error is yours not the cast members at disney.


I 100% completely agree with that statement. If you go during the summer or the holidays, it's always like that. It's not the cast members fault that you didn't do your research.


If you went to Disney during either the summer or holidays & you're saying all of this stuff, then you have nobody to blame but yourself. During those times of the year, Disney is ALWAYS busy. Don't take it out on the cast members.

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