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It just breaks my heart and upsets my stomach when I heard that my two favorite characters from "A Bug's Life" Flik and Princess Atta were both cut off from the Character Meet-&-Greet Schedule.I would truly love it alot if Flik and Princess Atta were both back in the parks on the regular daily Character Meet-&-Greet Schedule.

Right now they are only seen performing in the Pixar Pals' Countdown to Fun parade at Hollywood Studios....which just isn't enough!

I want to meet them for hugs, kisses, autographs, and pictures.I love Flik and Atta!

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Flik meets daily at Disney's Animal Kingdom and Princess Atta meets occasionally. They are always meeting together around Valentine's day though


Sure hope you are a kid! KTpie pie ( trying to say QT pie?), hope your husband doesn't get fired for your negativity. Remember, Walt is always watching.

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Probably just another money saving technique for the exec's and Disney stockholders! This company is different from the Disney I grew up with..sad!

to ktpiepie #1346382

what large co isnt diff???


@oatneck.I dont know why but after reading that complaint then your response I broke out laughing.

Why??Don't know but you broke me up.


This is why no one takes this site seriously.

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