January 3rd. Spent 365 for 3 people.

Lines mismanaged and have been standing in line for 2. 1/2 hours in an estimated 60 minute wait. Disney sales to many tickets and lets whole families cut line through the single rider lane. No control.

Food costs 50 for 3 and it was wet Caesar salads. What a ripoff. I would not recommend to families in today's economy to waste their time in this *** whole. Dirty and too little in ways of rides to meet the demand of the crowds they allow in.

Mickey is dead! Never to return

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FYI- Single rider lines don't let anyone "cut" in line. They are simply to fill in empty seats that would otherwise go empty in ride vehicles.

Like in Test Track, each car seats 6, 3 in front, 3 in back.

Since there are many, many groups of 2 and 4, the single rider line is used to fill up the one empty seat in each row. If whole groups or families want to shorten their wait by riding separately in these seats (they won't ride together), it's their right, and in no way impacts the wait of those in the regular line.

Elmhurst, Illinois, United States #639277

You cannot complain about Disney here, they have a whole team of cult members that will defend that POS company no matter what you post.

We wasted 8K on a Disney vacation years ago. Basically the same problems you had.

We have gone to Universal Orlando ever since without a single issue.

to Disney Cult #1346367

so if u search for Universal Orlando reviews online they'll all be +++++


You came right after the new year; that was YOUR doing. By that time, they're still at a pretty high peak period season for WDW (Christmas & New Years).

Crowds are still heavy, wait times for rides WILL be long (especially if it's a popular ride like Space Mountain or Tower of Terror). As for the park food, you're Disney. Do you REALLY expect their food to be free?

So you didn't like your experience at Disney because of something that was beyond their control.

Too bad, so sad, life's not fair. Look for sympathy elsewhere because you won't get any from me.


Wait... So you mean a massive tourist attraction has a lot of people and the -ESTIMATED- wait time wasn't correct? Oh woe is you, it must be so awful not being at the center of the universe.

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