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after spending a huge amount of money on a 3 week stay in animal kingdom lodge i was shocked to see how busy it was compered to my last stay there,this being because of the Disney vacation clubs new complex opening up up the road.all of the vacation club holders seemed to be coming down to my complex to use the pool,restaurants and other amenities.the hotel in my eyes was not built to cater for all these extra body's and was fit to making my holiday uncomfortable to say the least.this also go's for all the parks as Disney seem to be swaying to wards vacation club and not the package holiday makers who after all have made them what they are.i had several other complaint as well but was brushed aside by Disney that i have to go though my tour company,which i did but just brushed me aside also after receiving no joy from virgin holidays white washed me as well,who i thought would stand my corner for me -but no.i could rattle on moor-tipping is expected and thrust at you and taken,but correct me if I'm wrong but tipping is for service well done is it why should i tip or pay tips for *** service.i no money has to be made but they should not forget where the money comes from,i my self love Disney but no more for me i think,my next trip to Florida will see me going to out side parks only i think DANNY FROM ENGLAND

Monetary Loss: $12800.

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There a few things you mention that makes sense as to why it's overcrowded:

"...of the Disney vacation clubs new complex opening up up the road."

Try showing up a few months after the opening. The crowd will be less. In any theme parks there will be more crowds during the summer and school holidays.It goes with all Themeparks; Harry Potter was a 160 minutes wait durring the opening and summer.

Disney is not the only place where tipping is enforce in Florida. If you felt the service was not to your liking ask for a manager and explain throughly without egression towards the person your speaking with. If you put unnecessary information and over-the-top complain...well of course your complaint will not be heard.


im just back from disney world,OMG what a dfference from my last visit 2 yrs ago, magic kingdom had to be the biggest dissapointment the rides kept breaking down we had to climb of splash mountain and thunder mountain the staff were grupy and who can blame them,i couldnt even find a clean table to have our lunch. Magicical!! dont make me laugh, and i cant find anything on there web site to make a complaint!


comment to amber -who the heck are you minnie mouse,bet your one of those over weight sweety women with all the badges that barge every one out the way. get real disney is getting worse year by year as i bet 90% of people will say .or better still you are a member of the vacation club,thats it .

Patterson, Louisiana, United States #162119

@Victoria: What time of the year did you and your family go to Disney? If was either during the summer or a holiday (ESPECIALLY Christmas), then what the *** do you expect?

Disney is ALWAYS crowded during those times of the year.

Don't tell me Disney don't know a thing about crowd control because they stop letting people in after they hit a certain amount. You can sue if you want; I hope you don't win a cent.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #161925

When planning a trip to Disney World, here is what to do. Go to Universal and Sea World instead.

Disney isnt what it used to be folks. Plus Universal has the new Harry Potter area.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #150724

Add me and my family to the ever growing list of folks who have had enough of Walt Disney World. Our recent trip was not terrible, but it wasn't worth the travel time and money spent.

I agree about crowds, I have been to many amusement parks and it seems Disney World has never heard of crowd control. We have been to Disney before and the crowds were the worst I have ever seen this time. Waited for nearly two hours to ride POTC, nearly an hour for Space Mountain. Not a good time.


Yet Disney World keeps closing down well known rides. With the crowd levels Disney could use some more rides. Bring back Skyway, Toads Wild Ride and Nemo Submarine Voyage, and the new Enchanted Tiki Room needs to go back to the original.

Why change it if it isnt broke.

Disney isnt what it used to be, its just a money driven out of control monster now. Boycott till Disney gets its act together.

Walt would be so displeased with the direction WDW is heading. :sigh


I agree with you about Disney. They do not care if you have a good time.

They just care about how many people they can pack in the park. I am really suprised the government has not cracked down on them with crowds. When you have to wait 90 minutes to get on a ride something is wrong. When you use the fast pass and it tells you to come back later that night something is wrong.

Simply they will pack as many people in the park as possible even if it is unsafe they will.

Save your money and go somewhere else. I wish I would have.

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