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On March 24th, 2010 I walked into TomorrowLand and searched for a remote spot to light up a cigarette. Out of no where came the great she cow.

A fat black haired ugly beast, that I wouldn't touch with Goofy's thingy. She sneered at me to put the cigarette out now, as though I was intimidated by her great fat profile. I cursed her out.

I just want to say that all the other staff members were great fun.

They were so nice and really went out of their way to make the Disney experience a nice one. Scot from Texas over at the Pirates ride helped us find my wife's cell phone. It's a shame that the hard work of so many can be wiped out by a slob with a Mickey Mouse badge. She didn't even tell me there were smoking areas.

She just sneered, like a fat, underpaid loser.

I hope Disney will retrain her to behave like a human being, just like the other high quality employees they have. Keep swiggin the soda fatso.

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Lucky for you.

Had you been smoking around me outside a designated area, I would have grabbed that burning cigarette out of your mouth and jammed the lit end into your eye.


I think your comment could have been worded more maturely. In today's world you knew there must be smoking areas around. You sir are the ***.


Yes these people who think they make a good contribution to society with their insane remarks and judgement need to just find a differt place to troll. Just because a smoker has this bad habit and you don't doesn't mean you are better.

It also does not mean you don't have nasty habits yourself.

As far as the report goes, when we went our first time my husband did not know about smoking area as most people travel from out of state are not aware of the policies. He was politely told by a nice guy where they were and my husband apologized and found the location. And yes it was a complete pain in the butt to walk all that way for him to smoke yet that is the rules and it is there for a reason.

I think you didn't like this lady right off because of her weight issues which is judgemental of you and if she sneered at you she probably was juding you. Everyone else should NOT be punished by one person's actions.

If you had mostly good and one bad, Good should over come the bad, unless your just nasty person yourself. The fact she told you the rules and you didn't like it is probably more of what happened here.


The comment regarding addictions and shooting up heroin on It's a Small World is utterly ridiculous and it's people like that who are destroying our country. I'm sure that person has some habits that others find offensive - such as being "officious" and with a "my way or the highway" attitude.

That being said, Disney has gone overboard in the "designated smoking areas" debacle. We hold season passes and make multiple trips to Disney World each year - and each time we visit the designated areas have changed - like playing hide and seek. In fact, they change them so often that i've picked up a map, found a designated smoking area and gone to it only to find no ashtrays there. There is no rhyme or reason, either.

For instance, since Disney implemented "designated smoking areas" there has been an area next to Tomorrowland Speedway - the area that is down around the side, where NO ONE other than smokers go because it's a "long cut" and where the exhaust from the gas-engine race cars is heavy - and it's no longer a smoking area - after 12 years of it being one. Reason? There is none - just random screwing with smokers, I guess. Again, never mind the exhaust you're breathing, which is much more harmful than second hand smoke that is seriously dissipated because it's outside - to parts per billion if you're standing 12 feet away.

Smoking *** are the worse kind of self-important obnoxious people. Granted, some people who smoke are inconsiderate of others but most aren't insensitive.

Yes, it's an addicition, but not an illegal one and certainly not in the same category as heroin. Unreal.


Us Non Cancer lovers want no part of you smoking trash. As far as we are concerned, the "Smoking Area" should be located on Mars.

Your just upset because she busted you for being an inconsiderate slobish trashy human being. Any other addictions you can't break? What's next, complaining when they catch you in "It's a Small Small World" when you are shooting Heroin? Stay home and do the rest of us a HUGE favor.


Take a shower and burn your clothes. The rest of us would appreciate it.

Have a great day! :eek :p


Yes for all you family orientated folks out there, stay out of Disney on *** Weekend it is quite a festival there, no smoking but if you want to adopt a boy, go right ahwad.


There ARE smoking areas at Disney World I was just there and I saw them. Why don't YOU go there and see for yourself.

I wouldn't want to be stuck with a witch like you on line eother ANONYMOUS, no wonder...


Hmmmmm sounds like you don't like fat people. I'm not a smoker but we can't omit people that do smoke.

There are designated smoking areas at Disney however it seems that the way you degrated the security person in your post that maybe YOU were a bit rude yourself. Take responsibilty that you have a an issue with fat people Rick.


I may be a fat underpaid loser however I will not die from lung cancer you cigmo.


QUOTE: 2. Written by anonymous, on 29-03-2010 16:35

FYI there are no smoking areas at Disney. It is a FAMILY park and no one wants your disgusting second hand smoke. I would hate to be the person trapped next to your stinky *** on a ride or in line. Your smell would get on everyone next to her. She should have thrown you out of the park. END QUOTE.

You, are a ***, apparently. There are designated areas.

However; as a non-smoker myself - I've noticed how Disney has suddenly taken it to the extremes against smokers. I notice they have no problem utilizing smelly diesel exhaust buses that expel actual dangerous exhausts...but if you smoke - you're not welcome at their hotels(?).

Honestly - I hate any type of discrimination. I do understand many like myself don't enjoy the smell of smoke - but I also don't enjoy the smell of exhaust. Should I push to have cars banned (that do actually expel dangerous emissions?).

This place has become a joke on itself. As a visitor of more than 25 years - the amount of security makes me nervous...and the "Cast Members" have become rude.

I feel sorry of those that don't fit into their 'social profiling'...but - can say - will not be going back.

As a local Floridian - I can honestly say it's become cheaper to fly to Las Vegas and stay in a hotel for a week - than visit here. And a better time.

To the original poster - I'd suggest visiting there instead. They also offer shows and rides/attractions...but at a fraction of the cost and with 1/3 of the restrictions.

Welcome to "Animal Farm".


Anonymous @ 3/29/10:

There ARE smoking areas at Disney. They're located all throughout the parks & they're located on the maps.

You can also smoke throughout Downtown Disney except in the stage area @ the Marketplace b/c that's where children are usually playing. You can't smoke in the hotel rooms though. Those are smoke free. Also, if this complainer wants to mess up his or her lungs by smoking, let them.

I'm not a smoker and I don't like the smell of it just as much as the next person, but it is their body and if they want to smoke it's their choice. I'm not anybody's mother.


FYI there are no smoking areas at Disney. It is a FAMILY park and no one wants your disgusting second hand smoke.

I would hate to be the person trapped next to your stinky *** on a ride or in line.

Your smell would get on everyone next to her. She should have thrown you out of the park.

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