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We have just arrived home from our third Disney vacation and our last.

The Animal Kingdom park has become a joke. After waiting 2 hours to ride the train inside the park I finally gave up, two of the three children had to go to the bathroom so we got out iof line and when we returned to the loading area we were told we would have to go to the end. Since the park was wall to wall people we left.

Parking at the same park has become less than enough.

The biggest thing that I noticed was the lack of caring that some of the satff had toward people, not just our family. Our oldest son (29) parked in the next row ahead of us and the staff members wanted to call security to have him removed when he asked why he could not park there. We wanted to park together one vehicle in front of the other.

She called security and security ciould not see the problem either. They pulled him out of the line to make him move the vehicle. By now the line that he had parked in had filled up as had the lot.

The lack of singage and knowing all of the rules that Disney has makes it a real pain. Don't stand here, don't sit there you are in the wrong line, etc...

The Magic has somehow disappeared. Unfortunately Disney has become a greed driven machine taht only wants your last dollar instead of insuring that everyone has a good time.

For the $3,000.00 that I spent on taking a family of ten we didn't get our moneys worth.

I noticed several people in wheelchairs that could not get into some of the rides.

I do need to say this as well, Epcot and Magic Kingdom are wonderful parks and we had no problems at either one of them.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #691731

Disney used to have exceptional customer service. It has gone down hill big time.

We stayed the first two nights at The Polynesian for over $450/night. What a joke! The rooms were to be updated (not so) and assistance was majorly lacking. We were locked out of our room due to the room key not working.

The maid said it wasn't her day for this hallway. We were never assisted on where to eat. We found out later of several other places after being told there were only two spots and one required 180 reservation notice. This place was a major disappointment.

We then stayed at the Grand Foridian for just a little more/night. This was much better customer service but still disappointing as the refrigerator made noise all night. Sad for this price. I got the impression at both Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom from most (not all) of the employees that the patrons were just a nuisance.

Some yelled about rules and others just had an attitude like they could care less. Finding the bus back to the hotel was difficult and no one was around to help.

What happened??!! 20 years ago this place was amazing!


I have been to Disney World many times over the years. The first time I went was in the early 1980's.

We stayed in Fort Wilderness; Epcot had just opened, and I will keep those memories forever. At that time, it really was the trip of a lifetime. The property was immaculate; the service was unparalleled; and there really was nothing else like it in the world. Also, I remember the first time I rode the Wheel of Progress and visited the Hall of Presidents.

As a child, I left Disney with a real sense of patriotism and optimism for the future. Over the years, the park has been in a state of decline. I was there just a few weeks ago, and was really disappointed. In addition to the removal of 20,000 Leagues and Mr.

Toad, the remaining exhibits were in a state of disrepair. The Haunted House, Pirates of Carib., and Small world all broke down during the course of our rides and delays varied from 10-20 minutes. The monorail broke down and we were forced to disembark and take a bus from one part to another. The bus supervisor was visibly agitated and went of on a tirade (understandably) of how Disney was not maintaining its transportation infrastructure.

Epcot looked run-down, and I could see that most of the corporate sponsorship of the old exhibits had been withdrawn. Overall the Disney properties look dirty, worn out, and uncared for. The monorail trains looked filthy, both inside and out. The food was overpriced and sub par.

I really wouldn't mind the prices if the park experience was as I remember it from my childhood. I would like to think that this is just a temporary situation owing to the worldwide economic slowdown, but I have been observing this for well over a decade now. Some of the decline is subtle, like the sickening multi-culturally oversensitive and politically neutral changes to the Hall of Presidents, the World Showcase, and the (formerly Exxon's) Energy exhibit. I think we all got a pretty good sense of appreciating world cultures in Small World.

I think it's terrific to celebrate world community, but the old patriotism and celebration of American ingenuity that Walt wanted to impart to posterity seems to have been expunged from the new Disney. (That rant may have slid a bit off topic, but I think it's relevant.) Anyway, its almost 2013. Kids are different and probably don't have much regard for theme parks any more with the availability of PS3, Xbox, Hi-def TV, 8 billion Nickelodeon and Cartoon channels, and the Internet. At the age of 36, I have some pretty fond memories of Disney World.

I wish this generation was able to share in the magic. OK; I'm done ruminating now.

to Greg Atlanta, Georgia, United States #691738

I couldn't agree more! Very well said.


'The day they lost their magic is the sad day Walt Disney himself passed away.'

You do know that Walt died 5 years before WDW opened, right?


Went there for the first time a few years back. Im not too fussy a customer so no big complaints.

Except one..Why is there so few places to SIT in the park?

They need a lot more benches. The legs and feet get tired, especially if your not used to being on your feet all day.

And dont you dare try to sneak a rest on one of the eatery tables LOL!


could not agree more -disney is falling flat.over packed parks,hotels,the lot. i now it is very popular but from past trips it is now pure money machine and sod the is a buisness i no,but it used to be good to gueasts now just very over rated people-visit florida but stay out side and see more of the other parks-great place,love it


I personally don;t like disney myself and when people say disney lost their magic it's true. The day they lost their magic is the sad day Walt Disney himself passed away. It's like with most companies, the founder dies and then that company goes downhill.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #147511


Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #147510

I am and have always been a fan of

Disney World. But the resort in FLA.

seems to be in decline. Customer service

is not what it used to be. Disney World

is losing the magic BIG TIME.

Cant believe they shut down 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride, or the Mr Toads Wild Ride. The wrong people are running Disney right now. It needs to be

put back under the mgmt of some of Walt

Disney or his brother Roys relatives.

The place is WAY WAY overpriced. And you spend WAY WAY to much time waiting in line. Not a good thing in 95 degree HEAT. Folks who love all things Disney

should go to DisneyLand out in CA.

The park is smaller, you dont have to walk yourself ragged in 95 degree weather. Plus POTC ride is longer and has more drops at the Land, ditto for

Space Mountain,Haunted Mansion, etc.

I think Disney World needs some more

Roller Coasters, also why no Octopuss

ride(call it the Kraken) put it near

the POTC ride, The current folks in charge of Disney World are ruining the park, making it to corporate(Mcdonalds)

way to many shops, and as mentioned above closing down classic rides such as

20,000 Leagues Under Sea. Next up they

are changing up the classic Star Wars Tours ride. Rumor is it will be pod racing. HUH?? Why not a simulation for the fighting on Hoth, the current simulation has fighting in space against

Star Destroyers,and the Death Star.

I say keep the current simulation and just add on at least two more simulation theaters beside it. One for the "classic"

one for Hoth, one for the Pod racing from SW one. Disney has the space and money to do this. Why not do it. As long

as the lines are, a few more rides wont

hurt. Give the Disney FANS more, the fans give their money, their time and their sweat, give the fans the BEST.


TOADS WILD RIDE. Or Mickey and friends

will slowly lose their rep, money and

MAGIC. :sigh


My family and I have been going to Disney World over the last 25 years. During this time we have been over 12 times with groups of 2 to 17.

We have had problems from time to time,most corrected, some not. Yet, we have always had a good time. Over the years the main change I have noticed is that the "guests" have become ruder. They seem to carry a "chip on their shoulder" and appear to have an attitude of "entitlement" or that the world owes them.

I could tell you many stories about rude "guests"- rude to CM and other "guests".

I believe Disney has done a good job in dealing with this change. I offer this as a reason rather than an excuse.


I could not agree with you more we have been to Disney World more than a dozen times and there has been a dramatic change in customer service. I would love to know what happen because an icon is being brought to its knees by itself.

Just go to the parks or resorts and experience it for yourself.

However you will wish you had not. We will not return (8/25/09)


I just went to the AK on 5-6-09. It was a slow time at the park, but due to the size of the park it was still packed.

We arrived at the park as it opened and of course my 3-yr old had to use the restroom which was absolutely filthy. Toilet paper strewn on the floor with dirty toilets and the floors looked like they had never been cleaned. Don't get me wrong at 4 p.m. I might expect this but not at 9 a.m.

Very few of the staff at the AK were pleasant and everything seemed forced instead of the regular Disney experience.

We will not go back to this park!! On another note, we did go to Magic Kingdom and had a wonderful experience!!


Unless you have a party member in line, you may never come back to the same place just because you leave the line. If it was allowed, people could just 'call' spaces and leave, then making the lines hours and hours long and never moving...

When a cast member says not to stand somewhere or to walk a certain place it's most likely for safety reasons. Even if you don't see the reason, their IS a safety concern somewhere- not only for you but for other guests.


$3000 for TEN people?! That's a fantastic price, what are you talking about? For just two of us it's a minimum of $1600 including travel prices and meals (staying onsite.)


I have my own complaints (little things) about Disney, but I have never witnessed anything that you had described at AK or any other park at Disney. I live in the area and am always at the parks, and I am still not turned off to Disney. Overall, I think it's still a wonderful place to visit.


Sorry for your bad visit, but you were there during a very busy time. Try taking a vacation there in the fall after school starts, or the last week in August just before school as FLstudents have gone back.

Anytime in one of their just off times Dream or Value seasons.The crowds are small the weather cooler and the prices cheaper! However as a travel agent on LI Ny specializing in Disney and Orlando vacations, the price of 3000.00 for 10 ppl for a week is a fantastic price! I take my family there with discounts and free air (as we work for an airline as well), and it cost me min 2500 for a family of 5.

I am sorry your timing and your trip was not magical. But be sure to give it one more try.

Park Hills, Missouri, United States #28335

Disney is awesome. We have been numerous times and have always been treated with magic and respect. The staff is wonderful and is accomodating in every way.

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