I bought several Park Hooper multi-day passes the last time I was at Disney World in Orlando. The only way to find out the remaining balance is to go to the park and let them scan them into their system.

Talk about inconvenient......in today's technologically advanced world you would think that a forward thniking company like Disney would figure it out......Why have serial numbers on the passes if they can't be programmed into a system. Hotels and Airlines can keep member rewards points for an enormous amount of people based on a member number.

Is Disney losing it's touch.....I think so! What a disappointment!

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They used to look up this information over the phone. This ceased when scammers began using this option to allow potential buyers on Ebay to call and check that the Disney World tickets they were selling still had valid days available.

Since Disney doesn't allow re-sale of partially used tickets (no theme park does), they had to find a way to curtail the problem. Only checking tickets when the user is physically in front of the cast member was the easiest way for them to do so.


I fail to see how Disney is not taking care of their customers? You have days left on a ticket you bought (or so you say) and you want to use them..

Go use them - scan them at any guest services desk at a park or Disney hotel and they'll tell you what's left. You then can buy more days if you want. ? I don't see the problem?

Unless you want to verify there are days left on a ticket YOU didn't buy.. hmmmm :roll


With the unrealistic prices they charge for EVERYTHING I think it is time to start a boycott. With what they charge it is obvious this is no longer an affordable family vacation ANYMORE!!!

With what you paid for the tickets that is the least they could do.



They only care about the dollar bill. Don't expect sympathy from some people. While it's going fine for them, they will be all proDisney.


Or then again you could always remember how many days you bought them for, subtract how many days you had gone, and BINGO! You have how many days you have left.

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