My name is Rebecca Delgado. I recently decided to take my daughter to Disney World for her fourth birthday.

She was very excited and the only thing she wanted to do was see Ariel all day, Mermaids are her favorite thing in the whole wide world. She was never able to see Ariel.

My daughter has very bad breathing problems. I have to walk around with a nebulizer machine, steroid treatments, inhalers, and even oxygen some times. I made sure to get a guest assistance pass as soon as I walked into the park.

Apparently this is not enough. The problem occurred when we went to meet Ariel. The cave with the waterfall that leads to see Ariel in the new fantasy island was not an option for my daughter because the mist and lack of space would have given her an asthma attack. I went to the attendant in the front and showed him my pass and explained my situation he said there was no exception she would have to walk the line.

I then asked if I could wait the 35 minute wait time at the exit and that when my wait time is done I could be taken up the exit so it is still fair for everyone. Again he said no. I asked to speak with a manager and she said no child could be treated any more special then the next. I tired to explain that I was not asking for special treatment because I thought my child was superior in any way she just had limitations and I would wait in another area if possible.

I was told I could come back when the wait time was less about an hour before the park closed and maybe she wouldn't get sick. That was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. I decided to go to guest service to see if they could solve my problem because I wanted my daughter to see her favorite character before we left Florida, its the last thing she wanted to do with her family before her daddy left us for military service. Its not like I could go back another time because tickets are expensive and her daddy leaves in March there wouldn't be enough time.

I went to guest service sure they could help me out but again I was wrong. They initally said that the could sign a paper with Ariel's name if that would be enough. My daughter is 4, she cant read yet so I said that would not be acceptable. They gave me the run around saying there is nothing they could do.

I personally don't understand the issue a picture and hello would have taken less than 5 minutes and made a child's life that much better. Eventually she said we could see Ariel but would have to make it across the park in 15 minutes and if we weren't there on time we would get nothing but turned away. That is impossible to do with a child who is sick not to mention I am visibly 7 months pregnant.We had to tell our little girl that she would not be able to see her favorite character. She overheard some of what was going on and what she got out of it was that Ariel does not like sick kids.

She cried for the rest of the day ruining her day. She asked why she had to be sick and it broke my heart that Disney made her hate herself. She thinks mermaids are mean now and have given up her fantasy of wanting to be one.

This problem from Disney is continuing in my household and I never expected this from Disney.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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They have to follow strict rules and regulations. They can't make a significant exception, regardless of what guests may view as a valid reason.

You could have accepted their answer. You could have moved on to meet other characters. At least your daughter would've had some sort of positive interaction without worry of triggering illness. That should have been the most important thing.

It seems like you were asking for special treatment and had an entitled attitude. That doesn't fly. However, they offered to give you something that would serve as an autograph from Ariel. They didn't have to do that, yet they tried to appease you somehow.

That wasn't good enough, so that's on you. You are trying to get us to sympathize with you, but it's not working. I doubt it traumatized her to the point that she hate mermaids now.

Nice try. Maybe you shouldn't have made it into a huge ordeal.


i'm sorry for your daughter but you should try getting your kids into more interesting things than disney


Apparently, you can't read, CindErElla 818

Cumming, Georgia, United States #1113124

Anonymous, "when your son was little" being the key words. Disney USED to be known for going over and above to make people feel special.

Now, they make us all feel like we are a giant, sniveling toddler they'd like to smack.

Not a friendly place. My kids don't even want to go back.

Orange, California, United States #794016

You do want special treatment for your child and are just using her illness to get it. Shame on you,

Albany, New York, United States #792283

Im sorry for your experience but I dont agree that Disney doesnt care about sick kids. When my son was little and we got off the plane he was crying very very bad and his ears were killing him.

Disney picked us up at the airport in a van and drove us to Celebration hospital where the doctors found out it was a double ear infection. I had health insurance so didnt worry about the cost but Disney even picked up the cost of the visit and the medication for the ear infection. They also refunded my sons and my tickets for the days we couldnt go in the parks and when we got back to the hotel they left him stuffed animals and toys on his bed, and they didnt charge us for it at all.

Also while my son and I went to the hospital Disney took the rest of my family to the parks in another van and made sure they were all settled in without a worry. Disney went above and beyond for us and I didnt expect anything out of them!

to Anonymous Plano, Texas, United States #1168235

We had similar experience and the physician came to our hotel room to treat my daughter and myself for upper respiratory infections, my daughter walking pneumonia our second day at DisneyWorld. The remainder of our stay was watching the fireworkd outside the window.

They gave us a credit our unused magic bands for the parks. Fortunately we selected the Contemporary and had access to drinks and Disney dining up to on our floor. We hope to take our daughter back, her older brother , born with a genetic disease, passed away and wanted to show her Disney from his wheel chair. Most likely why our immune systems plummeted despite years of grieving his absence.

Her brothers memories and spirit were there with God and us to comfort. Disney welcomes challenged children. I woud write a letter to them about your experience, you might be surprised.

Ariel didn't know, she would be upset too. Let them know.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #792214

Disney does amazing things for sick children. The time spent walking around trying to complain, you cold have stayed in line and made sure your daughter was as comfortable as possible during the wait.


We just got back from seeing Ariel in that ride. Your child would have had problems, since my wife and I both found it hard to breathe in that ride, due to the smoke and heavy mist that producers don't seem to think the audience minds.

The water mist, I can understand, it is an undersea adventure.

Why we had to breathe the smoke, not so much. Frankly the show could have easily been done with better ventilation, but of course that would cost more money and Disney likes to cut corners. My granddaughter waited in lines to see several characters and princesses, I wonder why they don't have a line to see Ariel? Someone wasn't thinking there. You are right, she was greeting kids after the ride - they could have put you in line in the last room. But one thing I have noticed - Disney managers are so restricted by all the rules, that they get scared for their jobs when anyone asks a reasonable request just barely outside the rules.

So the premise is correct - it is Disney Corporate that doesn't care about sick kids! Just cash from high rollers!

Instead they should reward staff who come up with ways to help sick children and adults with special needs!

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #615345

We too have a child with medical issues and get a GAC when we go. GAC are not honored at meet and greets.

Sometimes they wil try and help out, but that depends on a lot of things such as staffing, crowd level and many otehr things. Disney goes above and beyond to help out people with special needs.


Why would you go to Disney World when you're 7 months pregnant. Jesus Christ lady do you even think before you type? I'm sorry they didn't put you at the center of the universe, I'm also sorry your daughter has asthma problems but life isn't fair and you shouldn't have put yourself into the situation in the first place.

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #617578

Not nice, really stop using profanity. Disney is not good service and they are way off from what they started from, you must be a Disney Drone..so sorry I hope you get your brain back! Try Universal or SeaWorld

to Anonymous #635199

Ya Boy that's right. Fair is fair.

to Anonymous Denver, Colorado, United States #736329

anonymous, who in the *** make you god to decide what others should or shouldn't do. Disney was made and marketed towards kids not adults so it is only fair they should tried and helped out the little girl here. You need to keep your trap shout you dumb ***.

to jerry #1125800

"make you god to decide what others should or shouldn't do."

I don't think he/she was playing God. They simply pointed out there are consequences for one's action.

Go to a theme park 7 month pregnant expect things will not be comfortable.

Also do not think that because you're showing you're entitled to special treatment. Everyone in line paid their hard earned money and and should have been treated equally.

No prego cards, no sick kid cards.

to Anonymous #1134436

Maybe she planned the trip before she was pregnant.My family went to Disney when my wife was pregnant.Get a life.

Bay City, Michigan, United States #605473

You were asking for something out of the ordinary and something totally unfair to the other kids. As they said, they treat everyone the same.

No exceptions. Life isn't fair, but that's the way it is. Everyone has to stand in line. If they started making exceptions for you, they would have to make "exceptions" all day long and the rest of us would be upset and inconvenienced.

Disney is a great company and does alot of very nice things for kids and people in the park. Actually, they are an exceptional company.

We go there twice a year from Michigan with our kids, grand kids, etc. Too bad you are upset, but that's just the way it is.

to nikalseyn Orlando, Florida, United States #617581

Btw, "alot" is a lot, two words, sorry I am a teacher. My spouse works for Disney at a very high level and I am a stockholder but I am only into them for the money for they are the best.

If you want a truly good experience head to SeaWorld for their entertainment is "bar none" quality! I take ALL of my out of town guest to SeaWorld or Universal

to ktpiepie Celebration, Florida, United States #667665

Sea World has the best, bar none? Are you crazy? :x

to ktpiepie Orlando, Florida, United States #741182

Grammer troll.

SeaWorld being the best at anything is so far from reality. Not only is their guest service atrocious, their animal care is horrific, food is bad - the list goes on.

Your out-of-town guests are missing out.

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