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We have traveled to Disney for over 30 years. Our recent visit in December 2011 was terrible. We arrived with our family, our children and grandkids to have an engagement party. We had ordered an engagement cake to have delivered to our room. This cake was an issue from the start. Bottom line is that Disney was selling us a cake that would not meet health regulations. One of their head decorators advised me not to get a cake with custard filling because they have no set way to deliver the cake and refrigerate the cake. The custard filling had to be refrigerated or it could cause food poisoning. We changed our filling after three months of dealing with Disney. It was not ok that this cake was going to go in an employees car without refrigeration. They could not guarantee it could get their safe....We arrived December 19, 2011, and left for a dinner celebration at Yahtsmans. After dinner we were returning to celebrate with our engagement cake and head to the Polynesian to sit by the water and watch the 10:00 holiday fireworks. While we were gone an employee entered our room and hit the door so hard that it knocked the topper loose off the cake and destroyed our cake. The topper rolled down the cake causing the cake to be in pieces.We returned about 7:30 and immediately called management. They said they would immediately call Leslie Smith who was handling this cake. We had no response and the next morning were informed that Disney was scheduling a lock interrogation on the room to confirm this employee entered the room. They needed a couple of days to do this and speak to the cast member. Three days later, it was confirmed. The executive management team was very callous and had David Kong contact us. He offered an ice cream social in the Pop Century food court or another cake from the local Publlix grocery store. He stated that it was a busy time and the cake would not be as good though. This was not ok with us. Even after David King (Pop Century Guest Relations Manager) repeated this multiple times, he kept repeating the same thing and said these are your only options. We found this very disrespectful. To us, it's like having a Birthday party without the cake. Only worse. The event was already over. It was ruined. We even tried to contact Leslie Smith (Manager of guest services at 407-560-3229) who was handling this cake from December 19 on with no response. When we returned, we sent this e-mail to Lesllie and management including the presidents office. Meg Croftin.Attached are our pictures. The beginning ones are at arrival. You will also see decorations for celebration. Family pictures also to see cake.We then left for dinner at yahtsmans. Last photo is what we came back to....Your employee entered the room and did this. You tell me how an ice cream social or a cake from the grocery store can replace this event. I will send in several e-mails so attachment is not too big. Please forward to appropriate people.

After being told they would do nothing again we decided to have the pictures looked at.

Here is recent letter to Leslie..Leslie,

This past week, we had top decorators enlarge and evaluate the cake pictures. If you do the same, I believe you will understand. I am writing this letter as a final attempt to get resolution and closure.

This has been brought to our attention:

In looking at cake pictures. (If you enlarge them, you can see it tilting)

After asking many cake decorators in the area, they stated that the topper bottom piece possibly was too heavy and the cake softened causing the topper to tilt and fall into the cake. When the employee hit the door into the table, it knocked the topper off destroying the cake. Either the topper was too heavy for the cake, causing the cake to fall while we were gone; and/or the employee hitting the door hard enough to put marks on the door caused the cake to fall, and/or the cake after being taken out of refrigeration softened. We were told that Butter cream will do this as will other frostings.

Either way, this event was ruined. Yes the cake was comped because of previous concerning issues, but it still had a value. Asking us and insulting us by offering an ice-cream social or a Publix cake was very demeaning to our family. The event was over. .

The frustration of this has led to the fact that after a 35 year legacy for our family, has been crushed. This issue could have been resolved, but Disney seems to not care. We did not eat one *** from this cake, the ruined dinner at Yahtsmans was not eaten or corrected ( despite us being told it was comped, that is incorrect,), and the previous cake issues ( a lack of calls back by Disney employees and even selling a cake that would cause food poisoning is not ok).

We believe that this cake had a value, an apology at least would be nice and at least inform the cake department what has happened so this does not happen to future guests. If the topper was too heavy and the cake colapsed, people need to know. If the employee hit the door into the door that employee needs to know. If the second layer was not put on correctly, the employee needs to know. If the cake softens when out, let people know.

Whatever the reason, our event was ruined.

And finally, we spent three days resolving

The had Faith in risk management call and relay this message...Spoke to Faith this morning.

She stated that Disney will not answer my e-mail to Leslie. She felt we should have accepted an ice cream social or a Publix cake in place of the ruined cake. I asked if she had looked at the cake, and she did not respond.

I explained that we believe we have made every reasonable attempt to resolve not just this issue but many of the issues that have occurred. These issues have caused us great loss.

Bottom line is Disney did not care. We will never return again.

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Amazing! You rewrote this asinine complaint how many times?

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #740382

It's a *** cake. Get over it :cry :cry

to ninjat Bellevue, Washington, United States #740705

Fort Worth Tx....Really...You sound like you are just reading this and posting rude comments....This was a bad situation on Disney's end...they took no accountability.........this was not just a cake that was ordered for dessert...It was a lifetime moment that was ruined...I feel bad for the family....Really bad....


its just a cake...


This woman is crazy.


Sorry your celebration was ruined. I wouldn't give them another, dime.

This is the small print you don't see on tv. :(


We tried 5 months later to resolve. Wanted to make sure Tom Stagg's office the CFO was aware of the many mistakes made.

They said he was. Disney employee Michelle Adams stated that they would not make any offers to resolve. As long as his office was aware, that is what matters. I hope this does not happen to anyone else in the future.

My word of advise. Order your cake from an outside vendor and have it delivered to Disney if you choose to order one. My opinion also, I would not get married at Disney. There are other options like Fulton's Crab House that offer much more for a lot less money.

They are very caring and will go above and beyond to make sure you are treated well. It is on Disney propery, just not Disney owned. They only charge 400. vs 5800 to use the location.

Stay at Disney, do the dining plan and have your event at Fulton's. They will also do your cake. Do not use Disney bakery. The cakes are overpriced.

As Disney said and was going to offer, they could get a publix cake for 129. vs Disney's 450.

and Publix will will deliver for 25.00. It would have saved us a lot of heartache.


I am so sorry for your experience. Wish I knew you were ordering a cake I could have saved you the trouble. Years ago I ordered an expensive cake at the castle for my daughters 4th bday. Boy was I disappointed. Couldn't believe what I got for the cost. I could have made a tastier cake. Ice cream with a candle would have tasted better. Disney does other great things, cake is not one of them.

I believe because it was in December (the busiest month) they did their best by offering you what they could. My question to DIsney is why isn't the chef taking the cake back and fixing the problem? Don't they have someone to re-ice the cake? Very disappointing.

Disney should have done a better job to satisfy your situation. A cake from a local bakery would have been a nice offer not Publix.


To date, Disney will do nothing. To those posting may seem trivial that a cake ruined this event but it did.

This cake was our celebration after a dinner. Our children and grandkids attended. Disney was a Legacy for our family. We will never return.

My advise to those loving Disney. Never use them for cakes. Order from Goodings. It is much cheaper.

One quarter of the price. Instead of 450 you pay 129. They will also deliver it for 25.00. I wish we had done this.

Then we never would have had the problems we did. As far as weddings, I would never have a wedding at Disney. It is much cheaper to use Fultons. The facility is 400 for its use vs.

5000. Big difference and they are sincere. It is still on Disney property. You will have less stress.

The cake may have seemed crazy, but it was an important part of our celebration. It was ruined, never eaten, and never resolved. It was not about a freebie. It was about a memorable event that can never be replaced.

We spent a lot of money to bring people to this event and it was ruined.

What we wanted was our money value back on this cakethat we never used or ate. They destroyed it, not us.


A refrigerator would have been great but the cake too big. It was two tear.

Cake was destroyed by a Disney employee entering room and knocking the table. This should not have happened. Careless employee. Cake was a 450.00 cake that was never eaten.

Quick protecting Disney.

They were wrong. You can not go to a Wedding and invite people back three days later for the cake.


I am sure the site is filled with Disney Employees. Funny you said Universal.

We had Disney issues too.

We too have booked our next trip to Orlando Universal and will never return to Disney. Disney has gotten where they want to know what is your celebration and they really do not care.


To the poster: Just so you know, this entire site is filled with people who work for Disney..... all you will get is people making fun of you and calling you names.

We stopped going to Disney years ago in favor of Universal Studios. Our vacations are so much more relaxing and the parks are more fun.


I may be mistaken but I am pretty sure you can rent a small refrigerator at the hotel for $10 a day. So why wouldn't you or the staff have figured that out in anticipation for your cake?

Problem solved disaster averted. I haven't looked at your pictures but I do think that you are getting a little carried away. If the cake was so expensive and you knew their would be issues you probably should have changed the plan. Disney puts on weddings and caters so many events they told you straight up that it wasn't the best way to go yet you were committed to your way.

You should have taken them up on the ice cream social and got on with your life! Most of the magic created by Disney is a reflection of your embracing the "happiest place " attitude. Congratulations on your engagement.

I probably would have served the cake and yelled food fight! Haha


You cannot be serious. Get over it.


grow up, stuff happens and you get over it. The cake got ruined and a replacement was offered.

Being that it was a short notice order they did what they could. Stop looking for free stuff and let it gooooooooooooooo


I worked for Disney. They to this date have no set means of sanitation on cakes.

If you want food poisoning go for it. The writer is correct. As far as Mr. Africa and world hunger.

Go volunteer your paychecks. That's if you have a job.

If I order a certain car, I don't expect a replacement. I want what I pay for.


Dont worry about the above two. They have not taken their medications.

I sympathize with you. That was a major event.

Paid for a Disney cake, not an ice cream social. Shame on Disney.


First of all, how were they selling you a cake that didn't meet health regulations? They told you that the filling was an issue when you ordered it.

Second, yes frosting softens when it is out of the refrigerator, perhaps you should have scheduled the delivery closer to the time you were planning to eat it.

Finally, it seems they offered some options in place of the cake, and YOU found none of them acceptable. That makes it a you problem in the end.


:grin first world problems

Go live in africa with the starving children for a while and maybe i'll have a little more sympathy for your cake catastrophe :grin

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