My husband, four year old son, nineteen month old son, and I recently went on your 7 night Mexican Riviera Disney Cruise upon the Disney Wonder, that sailed on January 8th and returned on January 15th. We are writing today to bring a very serious issue to your attention, which my husband and I felt it important the corporate office/department of Disney Cruise Lines know about.

On January 9th, during Formal Night, a gentleman by the name of Christiano, came around serving beverages. He offered my husband a Martini and our four year old son what was supposed to be "fruit punch". Well our four year old thought the "fruit punch" was disgusting, which we thought nothing of because he is very picky, so we let our nineteen month old son try it, and he liked it. A few sips into the drink, Natalie, another beverage server, came around and told us that the drink we were letting our nineteen month old son drink was an alcoholic beverage. We were beyond stunned! Caught so completely off guard, I simply looked at her and explained how the previous gentleman that was passing out drinks gave it to our four year old son and told my husband it was "fruit punch". She informed us that indeed it was not "fruit punch", that the alcoholic drinks have a leaf on the toothpicks in them to indicate that they contain alcohol. She took our so called "fruit punch" and replaced it with a smaller glass that was supposedly the real kid's fruit punch. Natalie also laughed it off saying, "Now you can say he had his first drink of alcohol. He'll sleep well tonight." This was and is still not acceptable! Aside from being beyond furious at the situation, we were extremely embarrassed! Here we were in line with people all around us, feeding our son alcohol that could have poisoned him had he drunk much more. I don't even want to think of what could have happened. What makes the situation worse is that this incident happened upon Disney Cruise Lines, which caters to children and families. There is just no excuse for it! Soon after the incident occurred and my husband and I had cooled down, we went to Guest Services to speak to a manager regarding the incident. A gentleman came out from the back room and we explained the situation to him. He apologized and told us to please wait a moment while he went to find the Beverage Manager, as he needed to be made aware of the situation. A gentleman by the name of Chuck came out and we explained what had happened to him. He was very apologetic, and let us know that there was no excuse for that to have happened. He asked us if our son was alright as a result of ingesting alcohol into his system. He then informed us he would look into the situation and get back to us. The following day, around mid afternoon, Chuck called our room and informed me that upon returning to his office the previous night, the gentleman, Christiano, who had served our son the alcoholic beverage, was sitting there and admitted to what had happened and was supposedly very apologetic. Chuck also informed me that proper action had been taken in regards to the situation. He offered us a complimentary bottle of wine, which I turned down because we don't drink. He said that he could see we weren't drinkers, as our tab had nothing on it but a case of bottled water. He then offered to comp our case of water, and asked what else he could do for us. Being my husband was not in the room at the time, I told Chuck I would discuss everything with my husband and we would get back to him. Later that evening Chuck visited us in the Dining Room and brought both my son's a smoothie, and my husband and me a non-alcoholic Mojito. When we returned to our room, there were goodies waiting there for our sons. While Chuck's efforts to rectify the situation are acknowledged and greatly appreciated, we feel the head of Disney Cruise Lines should be made aware of this serious matter. While we are grateful the situation didn't have a serious or bad outcome such as Alcohol Poisoning or even possible death, it definitely had the potential to as a result of negligence on a Disney Cruise Line employee's part. As stated above, especially being we were on your cruise line that caters to children and families, we cannot just blow off this situation. We need to do whatever we can to bring it to your attention and ensure that what happened to us doesn't happen to anyone else. We thank you in advance for reading over this letter, and look forward to hearing from someone in regards to the issue addressed.

Sadly, the only response we have received has been, "Sorry", the most recent being a response phone call from a Mr. Joseph Perris, who is the assistant of Karl Holtz at Disney. Mr. Perris informed my husband that he had read over our complaint and "What exactly were we looking for out of it?" My husband told him some kind of compensation, or anything more than a simple "sorry", that would truly show us that Disney takes this matter very seriously and values us as a customer. Mr. Perris informed my husband that Disney has done all they're going to do, and to try to get any kind of refund or compensation from them is extortion and they don't give refunds." Pretty much do what we have to do. So, here we are, filing another report to Disney and our experience with them giving alcohol to a minor upon their ship and how they handle it. This outcome has been a clear indication that Disney does not pry themselves on customer satisfaction, return customers, or the reputation they building for themselves through this experience so far. .

We have sent numerous letters to Dinsey so if they need to contact me they can to resolve this matter

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What exactly did you want? When I was a little kiddo in 1968.

I was only five, boarding a transatlantic flight at JFK on a 747. My family was en-route to Aviano, AFB, for a four year station, and I got separated on the walk to the plane on the tarmac. That jet was new, and JFK did not have jetways then to board. No, a long walk to a huge plane, and steps from the ground to the doors on the side.

I boarded the plane, and left my parents far behind, and ended up in the tail lounge. Two big circular booths and an older gentleman dressed in tweets. I sat at the booth, and looked out at the wing and engines, and noticed a silver drinks cart with small glass bottles of booze on it.

I asked the stewardess if I could have one, and she said I had to wait til we got into international airspace to try a bottle.

The plane took off, and that old man was smoking all the while, and the plane was out at sea, and the stewardess said go for it. I took my first drink over, and that tasted terrible to me.

I made a face, and the old man laughed, and she laughed, and then my mom showed up, all pissed off, and wanted to know where I was all the time she was looking for me... She dragged me off by my ear, and that was that...

My mom did not call the airline, TWA at the time, and demand an apology. I got my ear twisted, and sat down, where we were seated, and that was that. I think she was just happy to have found me, and we were off to Italy. Take heart that your four year old thought that drink tasted disgusting.

He will never be an alcoholic. Watch out for the 19 month old though.

More than likely, he will be an alcoholic... People who like the taste of alcohol tend to become alcoholic...


What more do you want?? Seriously, they acknowledged the mistake, prob reprimanded maybe even suspended the server, gave you all sorts of free stuff and continued to apologize...

what more do you want?? Maybe you should have tasted the drink after your first son said it was gross??

to Anonymous #710408

I think a million dollar settlement should just about cover it.


When I read your story I can say I was not surprised by Disney's response. I just had situtation with few guest relations manager that basically told me ( not in these exact words ).

That if complain to the non Disney forums that they would fire the cast member who is my father in law. They were rude, condescending, and insulted my intellagence. I was floored. I had no choice but to throw in the towel for the sake of my father in law's job.

THEY DON 't CARE !!!!!!. Also I was surprised when people checked the funny box. What is funny about a child being served alcohol? You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

For everyone of us that complain there are 2 waiting to take our place at Disney.

That is why they don't care. I am sorry that this injustice has happened to your family.

to Anonymous Lubbock, Texas, United States #663676

Obviously you don't get it. These people are phishing for a free cruise.

I'm not saying that there is anything funny about a child being served alcohol. It is the fact that the parents of the child blew something small out of proportion and act as though the server intentionally forced the child to drink the beverage. I'm allergic to strawberries, so anytime I order a smoothie or mixed fruit beverage I ask that the strawberries be taken out. If I were to take a sip of that drink and found strawberries in it, I would politely notify the server and ask for something else.

I wouldn't go demanding that the restaurant comp that meal and every meal I decided to eat there after the incident. I would be more careful about my choice of beverage if I still chose to patronize that particular establishment. As a parent, if my kid said that a food or beverage tasted weird, my first instinct wouldn't be to give it to my other child; I'd say "let me see it." I'd take a sip of the beverage and then tell my kid "Let's get you something else." Later on I would notify the manager of the waitstaff and let them know that they may want to be more careful with mixing up the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. From what I gather, these people feel as though they are owed a great deal for a minor incident.

It isn't an "injustice" it is an accident...they happen.

Washburn, Missouri, United States #607391

Ok. While I would be pissed that my kids were just swigging on liquor, and I do understand that you're upset, I don't know what else you expect.

This was a very isolated incident. You had a neglectful waiter. You made people aware of the situation.

I think that's enough. The "company" was apologetic.


@Daniel Do you work for Disney? How random?

And what a *** comment : " if Disney isn't making you feel appreciated find another cruise line... "

Pathetic, since when one has to feel appreciated by people giving alcohol to one's child.

I bet you live on mamas basement and has not bred . Don't breed.


Any company would only compensate you so much. Especially for a situation that isn't documented or backed up by any sort of official record. If Disney isn't making you feel appreciated find another cruise line or amusement park to attend.


I hope you are keeping the medical records of your child. Alcohol damages might only appear at a later age. Good luck, I hope all is well.


I was once a Disney employeee, and I treat my dogs better, so I don't understand their loyalty? They need to open their eyes.


Did you consult with an attorney?


It is quite clear when a post gets " attacked " like that , it is personal, by the ones involved. Who is ***?



The parent should be able to trust that they are more careful. If the child consumed enough alcohol to cause serious harm, or kill the four year old an apology just won't cut it. How is Disney not responsible?


Ever think of tasting the drink yourself before allowing your kid to have it? I may sound a bit paranoid, but you never know what's in those drinks and chances are that if they were on the same tray as martinis, they're going to be alcoholic.

Why didn't you speak up and say something before your kid started to drink it. You could have asked what was in the drink, or if it was alcoholic and then asked about getting a non alcoholic drink for your kid. No, the server should not have given your kid an alcoholic beverage, but you as a parent need to step up and do your job. It's not negligence on Disney's part, they apologized for the mistake and they made amends.

You're just trying to get a free cruise because you weren't properly monitoring what your kid was ingesting. It's not as though your kid was forced to down a bottle of tequila, he had a few sips of alcoholic fruit punch by accident.

Get over it and move on. If you're so dead set against alcohol, maybe next time don't go on a cruise that serves alcohol.


Jenn, from the review it appears that this "mother" is more concerned about getting a compensation than what could have happened to her son. Same with her husband.

They need to sort out their priorities being parents. Also I read somewhere that the parents spiked the child's drinks in order to get a free cruise. What nutcases they are trying to endanger their child to a point where it could cost him his life just for a free cruise.

If your son had died is a free cruise going to bring him back. Grow up and get your priorities straight.


"He offered my husband a Martini and our four year old son what was supposed to be “fruit punch”. Well our four year old thought the “fruit punch” was disgusting, which we thought nothing of because he is very picky, so we let our nineteen month old son try it, and he liked it. A few sips into the drink, Natalie, another beverage server,"

Troll in the dungeon, troll in the dungeon. Thought you outta know.


Soooooo, they, as a company, made every effort to accommodate you and make amends for ONE person's poor judgement, and it seems they tried VERY hard to do so....

And you're still upset?

I mean. Seriously. This is what I hear of your complaint:

One person made a mistake, your complaint and concern was acknowledged, a decision was made by the company to go out of their way to make you feel like you were heard and provide you with goods and services beyond what they would ordinarily offer.

So you post a thinly veiled letter requesting some big fat payoff from it on here, because you don't feel their debt to you will be settled until you get a check in the mail?

Get over yourself.


These people are insane and are an entitled family who just want a free cruise. They've posted this asinine story all over the internet with details constantly beefed up to make themselves look better rather than the greedy freaks they are.


This family expects too much. Anyone can make a mistake, he was reprimanded, you were apologized to by higher ups.

Since this was a family cruise, I doubt that there was much alcohol in the drink.

Your children probably ingest worse things in supermarket foods containing chemicals, preservatives, and hormones. Get a grip, have a tranquilizer, and chill out.


While I do feel Disney has gone down hill a bit and has become more about the money and less about what Walts dream was for children. I honestly think you are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Yes Id be upset, but they did apologize, this man did get in trouble, you did get compensated for a case of water and the kids did get things. Your kids took a couple sips. I think if they drank more or it affected them they would have done more. BUT what exactly do you want.

A free cruise?? Maybe you should drink once in a while and learn to relax.

There are things much worse out there. Take what you got and the apology and call it a day.

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