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Disney isn't a bad place but some of the cast members and lots of the idiotic guests are so rude. You'd think idiots with families and kids would be good people- nope they are nasty rude jerks and worse they pick on women who are at the park on their own.

I have an ap and go sometimes. I specifically paid 100 extra to upgrade my pass to see a band during block out dates. First one of the rude Japanese *** at the shaved ice stand was rude to me and trying to annoy me. When I went to see the band it wasn't crowded.

Regardless I had to move four *** times due to the rude Epcot guests and losers trying to bother me. Random guests like to bother women and its messed up. I finally moved to a good spot and a dumb male came and began clapping inappropriately non stop. He didn't stop clapping just to annoy me.

I had to move AGAIN and right when moved he never clapped again. I couldn't even enjoy the band because of the lunatics around me horrible people go to Disney. Other guests did rude things and the *** at Disney have no care for people's space. I went to many carts to get food and one the Mexican cart served me cold hard chicken.

I had my receipt and wanted a refund had thrown it away. A nasty bltch manager type refused to do anything. I mean are you kidding me me and I'm sure many others spend thousands of dollars at *** Disney I'm an annual pass holder and you can't refund me for six dollars for a *** chicken that you jerks served me cold. I try to go to guest services to rectify the situation and was waiting there a long time because no one could do anything I mean how are you accompany and you can't do anything about people being served bad food.

Overall Disney sucks they don't care about their customers the guests and customers are all entitled jerks and going there isn't always fun. Most of the rude Disney guests need to be punched out.

Review about: Walt Disney World Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The word of the day is "P***H0LE." For a definition of P***H0LE, see the Original Post.

Though I'll grant you that lots of parents are awful at parenting and only those with the lowest IQ's are breeding. But you're racist so I honestly hope you had an awful time and that the rest of your life is equally miserable.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1338236

Must be something about you that drives people to act in a dastardly manner. Talk to a close friend and find out what it could be.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1328587

I agree with you. I was on a frozen ride and some *** family in front of me.

A husband looks at me and starts kissing on his wife disgustingly, with their kids and kids around just to be a ***.

He keeps staring at me too and the whole ride. Wtf is wrong with the losers that go to disney, lots of shltty people go there it sucks.

to Anonymous #1338218

Yes, because people who show PDA are only at Disney World, nowhere else. Get over yourself. I'd bet money he never once looked at you, you are just one of those people who thinks everything is about you.


When one person claims that pretty much everyone else in the park was rude and horrible, I tend to think the fault lies with the person, not everyone else. I've visited Disney World - all four parks - alone as a women many times with no issues at all.

As for the chicken - you said you threw it away and then wanted a refund? Why on earth should they give you a refund if you can't prove that it was bad and that you didn't eat it?

There are a lot of things here that don't add up.

to Anonymous Clermont, Florida, United States #1353660

stop blamign the victim you effing retard- and yes i deserve a refund for bad food just b/c i couldn't walk through 100's of people in a crowd to return it to stingy disney a**holes..

to Anonymous #1384789

Oh no, ouch! The person who can't spell called me a retard.


Noone is going to refund food that you may very well have eating, enjoyed and then pretended was bad. If you can't return the product, you don't deserve a refund.

Orlando, Florida, United States #1317160

Esp watch out if you're a pretty woman at Disney alone. These loser *** guests have no decency they will harass and bother you not let you just hang out in peace.

the men are all psychos and perverts and everyone there is rude as ***. Hey u Disney jerks leave women alone scumbags


It's not them it's you when so many people are horrible -

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #1317162

That is total bs you evil coward. Only psychos like u blame the victim. Get lost u worthless piece of shlt

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