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I was spending four days at a Disney Hotel. One of their staff cars hit my new car that was parked in front of my room.

Disney is now fighting me to pay for the damages. The damage estimates are over $4,000 to replace two car doors and paint on a brand new car. Plus, they ruined the trip for my family. I was on the phone for the rest of trip trying to get the car fixed before I left Orlando.

They are only willing to do the bare minimun to fix a 2 month old car. Any suggestion? I ended up spending two days getting estimates and calling Disney staff instead of enjoying the park.

Has any one else had this problem? How did Disney fix the situation?

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #743541

I call BS! The first big hole in your story is that you were parked in front of your room at a Disney hotel, try again there are no Disney Hotels with parking in front of the room.

to ninjat #743602

I was at the carribean beach resort. They Do have parking in front of your rooms. Most of the all star resorts have rooms next to parking lots. I have stayed at 90% of the hotels at Disney. Your statement is not accurate.

It has been a few years now. I am over it but know that Disney has there own police agency and I had to get the state troopers to do an incident report. They refused to give me any document admitting guilt. I was more upset that a brand new SUV parked away from standard parking area was hit by a luggage golf cart. My next visit a year after the accident, the hotel manager remembered my name and comped me a nights stays.

Still have the car, no accidents other than at disney :)


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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #136490

How do we know you are telling the truth.


you should sue disney


you should sue disney


file a claim with your insurance and they will fight Disney and get the money back. Thats what you pay them for.

to jmartinez #710471

Paying you for your car is a write-off for Disney or is what Disney carries insurance for. If you were in the car, or a family member, well then the neurological damage would have been extensive, probably a permanent reduction in your lifetime workload and worth quite a magical payday...if you know what I mean.

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