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Their bus system between parks sucks. 2+hours just to get from Disney hotel to Magic Kingdom.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bus Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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When you have the volume of people at Disney using the buses you have to assume the waits will be long. And more buses doesn't always help.

In the summer there were quite a few more and it just made the traffic worse and the times didn't go down.

We drive everywhere and it is so easy! On the rare occasion we don't bring a car we take the buses in the morning when it's quieter and do Ubers at night.


The system is so bad, my wife and I decided to drive to the parks. Now Disney charges us to keep our car inn the lot? Wtf?

to Steve #1565674

Actually almost all theme parks do this now. Universal has done it for years.

I wish they would just include it in the price of the hotel so we didn't have to "see" it. ;)


2 hours seems a bit long, but seriously, we just got back from animal kingdom just as the park was closing. Both Port Orleans resorts share a station here, so the line was enourmous.

Just as the bus came, a scooter and a wheelchair turned up with both big parties. Ofc they get on first, meaning everyone waiting there way longer had less chance of getting on.

Those two people had equally taken up most of the bus, totally unfair. They should wait their turn like the rest of us.


I love when ppl just out right lie


Its true the grey hound bus takes 2 hours from orlando airport to the disney escort park with traffic and the stops at places like walmart and malls


This is an outright lie. It would NEVER, not even during the busiest summer times take 2 hours to get from a hotel to the parks.

to Anonymous #1450189

You were there?


I have been going to Disney every year for most of my life and I have never had it take 2 hours to get to the Magic Kingdom on a Disney bu. Sorry not buying it. The longest it has ever taken was about 30 minutes and that is including the time waiting on the bus.

to Anonymous #1392302

Umm...2 hrs may be an exaggeration but it took an hour to get from Magic Kingdom to my hotel last night. Left an hour before the park closed on an extra magic hours night to avoid the big crowds at the bus stop only to discover there was a huge crowd and very few buses.

Even the Disney transportation employees were frustrated that so few buses were there.

I agree their transportation system could use an overhaul.

to Anonymous #1450191

Aren't you special. 2 hrs 25 minutes, from Disney springs to epcot

to Anonymous #1489739

Just took bus from Epcot to fort wilderness. 85 minutes.

And then another 32 minutes waiting on yellow bus and riding to our cap site.

Morning trip to Epcot took total of 58 minutes from bus stop near campsite to Epcot. Buses are really bad compared to what they used to be.

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