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We were on a ride at ak. They had everyone line up to go on the side, and were sending people after us to another area to board.

then they suddenly said that we could go to that area to board- after groups that came after us. So we were seated last. It's not a big deal, but what kind of *** idiots work at disney to do something so dumb. Then there was this really fat female cast member- a whale of some sorts, who kept coming to bother me as I was waiting.

The cast members are annoying rude idiots. When I went to guest services to try to get something for this nonsense, they couldn't do anything except give a fast pass and one anyone can get online, not the one I wanted.

The lady helping me was chinese and of course she wasn't going to do ***. disney's customer service sucks and their moronic cast members are even worse.

Review about: Walt Disney World Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I just wanted to pop in and welcome back my favorite poster! I love that all the CM's "bother" you!

The fat-shaming and casual racism are fantastic additions to your writing! It's so fun that you clearly have an annual pass but also have nothing good to say about the place! If I may offer one piece of well-meant criticism, I'd really love to hear more about what the CM's say when they come "bother" you.

Regardless, please keep up the good work. I know others see this as a serious site, but I come here because your writing is comedic gold!


The fact that you are calling people fat whales says enough about your character for me to know that this complaint is ridiculous and YOU are the problem.

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