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I am a premium annual pass holder at Disney World in Orlando. On our most recent visit I decided to take a smoke break so went to the nearest "designated smoking area" - the one next to Tomorrowland Speedway.

Being the ONLY person in the vicinity (it was very late) I walked about 20 feet from the trash can/ash tray to sit on the bench and stretch my legs - I have MS and my muscles tighten and hurt. All of a sudden this janitor carrying a broom and dust pan approached me and began screaming "NO!" I didn't understand what she was upset about and no matter what I tried to say or ask her she kept screaming "NO!" It was obvious that she had an accent and I glanced at her name tag - she was from Columbia and obviously didn't speak English because she wasn't responding to anything I was saying. My assumption was she was upset because I was not standing right next to the trash can/ash tray. I tried explaining I was the only person in the area, that I needed to sit because I'm handicapped and my legs hurt, that I would not put my cigarette out on the ground - I would walk over to the trash can and throw it away.

Again, no matter what I said, she only screamed "NO!" After a minute or so of this I just ignored her. At the time she approached me I was attempting to call my teen-aged daughter, who had stayed home, to check on her. When I stopped engaging her she lunged at me and attempted to grab me by the arm. I jerked out of her reach and then she began making faces and mimicking me using my phone.

She again lunged at me, attempting to grab me by the arm. Then she attempted to grab my cigarette out of my hand. Three separate times she attempted to "assault" me. When I finished my cigarette, with her still standing there screaming "NO!" at me, I walked over and put out my cigarette and threw the butt in the trash can.

Again, there was no one but me in the area. I noticed then that there was not an ash tray on top of the trash can. For the last 12 years, since Disney implemented the "designated smoking areas" this area has been a smoking area - even while others have come and gone. Of course, had she been able to speak English she could have told me this - but she never attempted to.

Then she began "stalking" me. I would "sense" someone's presence and look up and she'd be staring at me from afar - when we'd make eye contact she'd mouth "NO!" to me and then shake her head. I finally had enough and walked up to a Disney cast member to inquire who to talk to about this. Out of nowhere, she shows up behind me and starts screaming again in very broken English.

The entire experience was upsetting, bizarre and way over the top - for anywhere - especially for Disney World. Unreal.

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She stalked me too doing the same thing. I was urinating in public.

I can't walk to the bathroom ok! I have a condition called laziness!!


Although Ohio is backwards in many respects, we have a state-wide smoking ban for public places and many here in Cincinnati (notice the correct spelling of my hometown?) take issue to people smoking in areas around children. Smoking around kids is like racism and sexism....outdated and rude.

The cast member probably didn't speak much English because English-speaking adults are not willing to work for such low pay and didn't apply. And throwing a cigarette in the trash can is risking a fire that could have burned down part of the MK and injured people.


It irritates me when smoker's do not follow rules and stay within the designated smoking areas. Smokers are not a protected class of people although many smokers think they should be. If you have to smoke then just stay in the designated area, not 10 or 20 feet out of it.


I am currently in DISNEY with my wife and kids. We r both former college interns here.

I am so disappointed to see disney go to s@&@. The cast members are miserable, no smiles, you ask a question, it's as if u r annoying them. The "managers" tote around in their Fantasy Land of being a boss (who could not make it in the real worlds as one) - and they are just as disrespectful. I have 4 instances from today alone that prompted me to come searching online if others have seen a change in Disney.

It's not was it used to be. I was here with family in 1993, 1996, interned, and now back with my family. I'm sad to say we won't be back. A cast member snapping at my 5 year old son, who wanted to changer his ballon color?

Are you serious. 10 years ago, that employee would be done. Between the poor hires, and the 3rd party vendors, it is destroying Disney. I had heard this, and did not believe it.

Today - I do. So, so sad - so many great memories at an amazing place, losing it's touch.

It's clear that new management is needed, and fast. Get rid of the retiree's that dont want to be there too, please!!!!


Wow, Tasha must work for Disney... comments on every complaint with a lowlife remark attacking the person posting.

If Disney doesn't want you smoking in the parks at all, they should take down the signs. I would love to come across Tasha someday while smoking a cigar the size of Cincinatti and blow the smoke right in his / her face.

Disney is awful, plain and simple. Read the hundreds of complaints and then the responses from the Disney fanatics protecting their precious parks. It's quite comical and all they do is make things worse when people read these.

to Hollywood25 Fort Worth, Texas, United States #815798

Judging by all your comments I would guess you work for Universal


The point you people aren't getting is this - we've been annual passholders for over 10 years and go to Disney multiple, multiple times a year. THIS particular smoking area has been there for as long as there have BEEN designated smoking areas.

It has been constant and has never changed. For some reason, this year, they have decided to randomly move the areas around as frequently as weekly - I had no idea of that as it's never been done before. Additionally, there was NO ONE in the area as it was close to closing time. To suggest I'm "using" my disability to "break the rules" is absurd.

I don't smoke around my family, other kids, etc. so get over it. I realize it is a nasty habit, but a habit none the less - and I'm ALWAYS respectful of others. SO - the point is the employee was WAY out of line and this is typical of what's happening at Disney.

The decline has been rapid and unbelievable. Get over yourselves and quit be so "self-righteous" about smoking. It's still legal in this country even if it is bad for us. I realize some smokers are "rude" and inconsiderate of others - I'm NOT one of those and I WAS trying to seek out a designated area and thought I had.

The employee had no ability to communicate to me that it had "moved" - and, by the way, the next trip to Magic Kingdom (about 3 days later) it was BACK.

No rhyme or reason as to why and of ALL the designated smoking areas in the parks system this particular one is the most isolated even when the park is packed - so it really makes no sense. On the busiest of days there's no one in that area except smokers because it's a "long cut" and out of the way - much less in the middle of the night.


Me and my kids have asthma and second hand smoke is horrible for us. You need to realize that you don't just affect yourself, it is a very toxic substance that can trigger horrible reactions in some people. Be respectful and leave the park if you can't stay in the designated areas to smoke.


As a former cast member, I really wouldn't have messed with you. I used let people slide all the time because it wasn't a big deal.

If no one is around you within a reasonable distance, you should have been able to smoke on that bench. Sometimes cast members are so empowered that they can't let a little rule slide.

I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with a cast member. I'd like to say that all of them share the same sentiment as me, but I'd be dead wrong.


Well, I can tell you, MOST of the smoking areas now do not have the "designated smoking area" signs or even the trash cans with the ash trays on them. They all used to, but I've run across many that don't have them, which is very weird.

For this reason I didn't think much about it - on top of the fact that it was very close to closing and there was NO ONE around but me. Not even anyone to ask about it. By the way - I'm one of those smokers who go out of my way NOT to make other smokers look bad - I NEVER throw butts on the ground or out of the car window. I ALWAYS attempt to distance myself from entrances, etc.

I'm no sure what's going on with Disney but whatever it is, it's very strange and disturbing as we're seeing more and more, and hearing more and more stories of rude, hostile and confrontational employees. And their smoking policy is confusing - I even had a manager tell me that they move the places around from week to week sometimes. Why?? It makes no sense and seems designed to create problems - particularly if the employees are going to get physically confrontational about it.

Fortunately for people wanting to visit the Orlando area, Universal is stepping it up in terms of family fun offerings, after hours entertainment , dining choices and wonderful customer service. Not to mention innovative new attractions with the consumers enjoyment in mind. Disney seems to only be concentrating on how to get more and more people crammed into the park to pad their already overflowing coffers. It's gotten so crowded that they no longer even are able to run the Main Street vehicles, which were a stable, and lots of fun.

Additionally, from 9:00 onward, getting into or out of Magic Kingdom is an absolute nightmare as they rope off almost all passageways leading to the exit. Heaven help them if they ever have a serious emergency and need to get those crowds out quickly - many will perish. Not sure who is managing things behind the scenes now, but I believe Walt is spinning in his grave. They have taken his dream and turned it into a nightmare.

I've talked to many people who believe that there is NO WAY that Disney is in compliance with the "maximum capacity" requirements - they simply can't be. It's only a matter of time before it's going to implode on them. Not to mention, they are losing their loyal customer base in droves - people who have enjoyed the "Disney Experience" since the beginning see how really horrible things have gotten - there is absolutely no comparison to the way things are now to 20 years ago - no resemblance, even. So sad and such a waste.

Anyway, we've witnessed many, many other instances of rude Disney "cast members" harassing Disney guests and heard even more stories. This was my first "go round" and it was truly unbelievable. Truly. I haven't seen this lady back there and I've looked as we go almost every day.

I'm guessing that if they pulled the surveillance video that was the end of her, as she literally attempted to assault me on 3 different occasions in a 60 second period. No excuse for that under any circumstances.


It sounds to me like you should have looked for a sign that said "designated smoking area" Whether the janitor spoke great Rnglish or not, you have a shared responsibility to make sure you are following the rules.

I am a smoker too, but even I find it rude when a smoker cant simply follow the rules. It makes the rest of us look bad.

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