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This is portions of a letter I sent Disney they refuse to respond to :

Trouble started from go!

I booked our entire trip on your online Disney go site.

It showed the trip ,but then changed to only rooms after it was booked.

No tickets, no flight, even though they were booked and showing on the confirmation page.

I called the number on the site and was told there was an error on the website that kept changing my daughters age and wouldn't let the trip be booked.

I was on the phone for over 2 hours, but finally got it fixed. I figured that would be the only minor bump in the road.

I was wrong.

To assist me with the trip as my husband was unable to go, my parents decided to drive down with our bags as I am in a wheel chair and my son has autism, and booked the All Star Music resort room right next to ours.

On my parents arrival at the resort the day before us, they discovered it was not as advertised. It was filthy. Trash on the ground in the lobby and outside, very over crowded.

The room wasn't even large enough for my wheel chair.

My parents went to the front desk and were met with a manager who gladly helped them upgrade to the Port Orleans riverside, they upgraded me as well.

The manager of the All Star Music resort happily changed my Magic Express as well.

Day one of my arrival was great, checked in to the hotel and relaxed, the resort change was just another minor bump in the road.

Tuesday morning we took the bus to Magic Kingdom. The driver hooked the seat belt thru my wheel chair . Upon arrival, the bus driver had tangled the seat belt in my wheelchair. He was unable to get me out of the bus and he was panicking . My daughter stayed on with me as he tried to get the seatbelt out. I was humiliated as he had to call for help with a crowd of people starring at me. I finally got our my cane, grabbed my daughter's hand and removed myself from the chair. Another driver came on after 20 minutes and removed the belt from my chair and I was put back in. Another bump... everything is ok.

After a few hours in the park we headed over to it's a Small World, we were directed by a cast member down a wheel chair ramp, as we get to the middle of the ramp someone must have thrown down a plastic folk and my chair wheels propelled the fork into my leg and cut me. I told the cast member at the bottom of the ramp who was waving us down and she just shrugged. I got into the boat with a cut on my leg that was bleeding.... the bumps are starting to get irritating.

After getting stuck in the bus, my parents decided to drive everyone over to the park from the resort. We all loaded into the car and began to head towards Epcot center when BANG!

On my side of the Jeep, one of the "contract" Disney constructions worker's truck full speed backed into us. I have attached photos of the damage to my father's BRAND new Jeep! The worker jumped out of his pickup and admitted he didn't look and was at fault. Now I'm physically hurt, with my spine condition any jolt makes my ripped discs leak and swell. I didn't want an ambulance, I didn't want my kids to remember Mom being hauled away in an ambulance on our first family trip so I sucked it up.

Security came over as well as a rep from the hotel. She proceeded to tell us - "I hope HE has insurance," my Dad questioned her saying" You don't check these things out when your hiring contractors?" She just shrugged. Disney Security came over and said the police would take over 3 hours to get there. Killing our day at the park. The construction worker had NO insurance info on him. My Dad's car will now cost estimated today at $2280 to repair! The Rep from the hotel said She was adding Fast passes to the rest of our trip as an apology ( which I felt like was an insult) and would follow up on my condition later in the day.... No call.... No fast passes were added.

We proceeded to Epcot Center where I spent the day throwing up and in pain.... Now the Bumps are Actual Bumps and I'm getting mad!

The next day my son woke up and told me he was actually scared, he wanted to go to the park and ride rides and meet characters, but was afraid of what would happen because everyday something has happened. THAT is NOT what I wanted for my son's first vacation ever, let alone his dream Disney vacation.

My parents were both feeling a bit under the weather so the kids and I went over to magic kingdom by ourselves via bus without a hitch and had a great day

Took the bus back with a wonderful driver who went WAY out of his way to help us- I passed his name onto the hotel manager.

Kids went to the pool and I decided to take a shower. Luckily for me, I brought my walker right next to the tub because the heavy ceramic soap dish broke off while my back was turned and hit me in the leg causing me to slip and fall. Pics attached.

At this point I'm furious. How much can one family go through?

I called the front desk extremely mad, I spoke with a maintenance super. who told me it would be fixed the next day while I was at Hollywood studios, it wasn't. It stayed broken our whole trip.

I spoke to the manager at the front desk. I was refunded one night. I told him the rep for the hotel never bothered calling me after our accident, didn't care my day at Epcot was ruined, my father's car is destroyed, she didn't bother adding any fast passes she promised, which really wasn't even doing anything for us to begin with.

He apologized and added the fast passes. It was 1:30 am when I finally got off the phone. Another physical bump.

At this point my father decided he was done and didn't return to the parks at all.

We took my Mom with us on the bus to Hollywood studios. This day went well. My kids had a blast at the park.

Returned back to the Resort- Now we have no hot water at all for showers on a sweaty 100 degree day.

My parents checked out on Saturday at 5:30 am- No Hot water for them

We woke up at 8 am- No hot water

We went to Epcot ( which, btw, what did they do to the Future section of the park, most was empty and terrible. Used to be my favorite as a kid) and came back no hot water.

We have no hot water for the rest of our trip.

A few bright spots as I never like to be all negative- It's not in my nature to do so.

- Your Magic Express driver Erik ( with a K) was wonderful! He was one of the best employees at the park! We took the 2:30 bus to the airport on Sunday. Higher 10 of Erik!

Charming Funny Generally enjoyed his job.

The AMAZING Lady at the bar at Port Orleans riverside from Hati. She was just delightful to be around, wonderful conversation, showed an interest in my child's education as she was wearing a graduation pin.

The lady playing Snow White at Magic Kingdom, my favorite as a child, helped me out of my wheel chair so that I could stand next to her to take a photo. It touched me very deeply that she took the time to do that.

** WE were planning a September trip for our anniversary we have since canceled. I have yet to get a response. My family is associated with a band that brings in 100k to the park every few years. Greed has taken over Walt's dream. I've been coming since I was 4. I guess the magic is gone, and I never got to share it with my kids. Disappointed beyond words.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with magic express drivers and woman playing snow white and stated that there is a room for improvement of park was over crowded and hotel and hotel service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of disney world port orleans riverside and associated monetary loss in the amount of $8000. Walt Disney World needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned disney world port orleans riverside in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Walt Disney World.

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Winter Garden, Florida, United States #1240704

If you live in town like I do, you know people who are friends and family who work there! Disney is ALL about the money!

They used to have a great experience and wanted you to come back. But now its about how much money they can suck out of you while on their property.

to Anonymous #1368538

I agree, the magic is gone for me too...sigh everything is about the used to be that you would walk through the front gate at the magic kingdom and it was like another world..even main street used to be fun with the's gone now.. everything is so high tech

to Anonymous #1452145

Yes! U are 100% right They are all about the money and it’s a full proof plan for them.

They feed on what they see as our weakness (the love for our kids).How are we going to say No to the cute little faces of our: kids, nieces, and grandchildren.It’s disgusting when someone complains to Disneyland... they have special training on how to not even give you an apology. They are trained to stay quiet and let you vent!

And that’s it! I know this!!

Modesto, California, United States #1227776


Modesto, California, United States #1227775

Sounds like u have bad luck.


It seems like most of your problems were freak accidents. You probably should not have used the soup dish as a support in the shower.

I recommend that you use an Ear Marked travel agent in the future if you should ever decide to return to WDW. They will make sure you get a wheelchair accessible room.

to Anonymous Cumming, Georgia, United States #1200601

Please don't let Disney Trolls like this one bother you. Your trip sounds terrible - some of it accidents, but a lot of it lack of courtesy and service on behalf of Disney, which is the norm these days.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1211163

None of what happened to you is Disney's fault, it was all pretty much just accidents. First, value resorts have disable rooms.

my Dad manages just fine with his scooter and prosthetic leg! And quite frankly you sound like a giant hypochondriac every little thing "hurts you" Suck it up buttercup. My dad has a metal rod 3/4th of the way up his spine he has a prosthetic leg and he doe not run around Disney whining about every little thing.

What you were trying to do was get a free trip out of Disney. Sad.

to Anonymous #1381121

Everything that happened was her fault she is just a someone who loves attention, and thinks everything is killing her.

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