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On November 8, 2012 I complained to a Front Gate Manager regarding the manner in which a Main Entrance Gate employee at the entrance of Animal Kingdom had treated my daughter and myself which in itself is not a big deal.It is the MANNER in which this complaint was handled.

I received a very unsympathetic reply from the manager at Animal Kingdom which truly is uncharacteristic of the stellar service from Disney. I make a point of complimenting Disney employees on the high quality of their service so naturally, I was taken aback by this unsympathetic, unresponsive manner of this manager. This manager than started to argue with me in front of guests that I should be grateful that Disney lets me in the park(s) for free. Unfortunately, I let myself become defensive and I told him that my husband does an excellent job for Disney and puts in many hours and he should treat me as he would any guest and not argue with myself or any guest.

I continued to stand in the long entrance line without further incident until a Disney security guard approached me and demanded me to "Step out of Line". I refused and said that I would go talk with Guest Relations which was about a 100 feet away instead and complain to a manager about the poor customer treatment of arguing in front of guests which is truly a lack of Disney quality. The Disney security guard said that I could NOT talk to Guest Relations at this point! As a Disney "dependant" I feel I am not special when it comes to treatment and that I should set an example to the guests and especially to my children of how to behave at Disney and most of all to respect their property by following the rules to the "9th degree".

However, I do also feel it is my responsibility to advise management when employees are not treating guests as they should. The security guard told me that "I could not talk with Guest Relations at this point and that it wouldn't do any good and he wanted my Silver Pass. When I presented my Disney Silver Pass and my Florida Driver's License to the Guest Relations employee the security guard named "Orlando" followed me over to Guest Relations and wrestled it out of my hands, both DOCUMENTS! This treatment of myself and my daughter by a Disney manager is SHAMEFUL to say the least!

I took my Driver's License back from the tips of the security guard's fingers and found an Orlando policeman at the Bag Search location and told him of the situation. He told me that he couldn't do anything and that this was unfortunate that it went this far and it seemed like a customer service problem for Disney because the security guard had no right to take these documents from my hands. My daughter and I were denied access to the park and my Annual Silver Pass was taken from me. At this same moment my daughter is asking and questioning why the security guard was called in the first place since we didn' t do anything wrong except wish to complain.

This was a scary situation in which I was "ganged up" upon.

Later, I was called by a customer service represenative but they said this situation was more than they could handle.

I felt beaton up by "Big Brother- Disney" and their physical mafia.Good luck with anyone who crosses Disney's path in a negative manor they have their own BRAND of customer Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.


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convenient how you left out the original daughter issue


What a whiney B - Itch.Seriously, you are a guest - a NON paying guest.

I could see a complaint if you had spent $$ to enter the park, but you are riding your former (by now) husband's coat tails.Get real

Orlando, Florida, United States #713967

I feel for you i really do.I work for disney and i can tell you that this place is going down hill.

Ive noticed more and more cms being rude to guests.

Fyi most of the people who reply on here work for disney and like to keep of the delusions of grandeur that disney is the best *** place in the world.Dont let they're comments get to u

Clearwater, Florida, United States #599133

As a dependent on a Silver (cast who's worked for the company for 15 years or in a leadership role) You should have known better. This isn't a complaint. It's an admission of your stupidity.

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #617572

Let me see what role does Disney serve in our community..oh yes that's right, they are in the entertainment industry?Just you using the word stupidity shows how small minded and mean you are!

Disney IS "Big Brother" as they try to sway lobbyist with their "Disney Truth" and treat the workers who make less, less than human.

Don't forget that I am a stockholder too and the 'Mouse Mafia" is all about mighty dollar.I would rather go to SeaWorld for a quality experience.

to ktpiepie Orlando, Florida, United States #741190

Yes, we know, we know.

Your husband is a 'high-level' manager. You're a stockholder. You only go to SeaWorld. Which makes me think you're employed by them? Oh, wait, no. You're a 'teacher'.

Disney World makes millions of people happy a year. FAR eclipsing the dwindling business that the mighty SeaWorld is doing.

This person is admitting stupidity. Complaining about anything when you have the luxury of free entrance. Childish.

You both need a new hobby.


Nowhere do you state the reason for your initial dissatisfaction.

All I see here is a massive run-on sentence complaining about the fact that Disney treated you the way that they say they will if you are a silver pass holder and create a fuss.

Of course you did not have the right to talk to customer service, you are NOT a customer, you are the spouse of an employee, and have completely different rights and responsibilities because of this.

If you wish to be treated like a customer, then purchase a ticket.

to Really? Orlando, Florida, United States #579971

Geez you sound like you work for them, I bet you do!!!In Orlando Disney is referred to the "Orlando Mafia"..what are they going to do, find me and break my legs now!

Maybe they will send secret text messages during what's suppose to be a PUBLIC MEETING trying to illegally sway the county commissioners to not let the people of Florida vote on "Sick-time pay"...oh wait they already did that! Yikes!!

Btw I DO NOT work for DISNEY I am a teacher (and a Disney stockholder) and what they did to me and my daughter is assault by an untrained arrogant SECERITY GUARD who probablly failed police academy and has a "chip on his shoulder".

Disney is all about making MONEY they ar so far away from Walt's original vision.WAKE UP!!!

to Anonymous #1346372

convenient how you left out the original daughter issue re: arrogant SECERITY GUARD

something had to happen for security(correct spelling) to get involved--they dont walk away from their red bull for nothing

to Really? #617473

I agree.You are not a customer, you are spouse of an employee.

You are lucky your spouse does not loose his job or get a warning over this. As a repeat Disney World guest, I would be very upset seeing a Cast Memeber, or spouse of a Cast member act in such an unprofessional manner. I put Disney CUSTOMER service on a much higher scale than any other business. It is this high scale that I use as a model for my own non Disney customer service positon.

It is this high level of CUSTOMER service that makes Disney a sucess.That is why I am also a Disney stock holder.

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