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We have a long history with Disney, dating back to the use of coupon books for rides. That method tended to disperse the crowd and encouraged families to leave the park when tickets were used up.

Our family notice an immediate and substantial increase in wait times for attractions when the park switched to an all day ride policy. Attendees would get back in line repeatedly for the favorite rides and stoically remain at the park until closing. Things got even worse when the fast pass system was implemented, basically a plan for legally cutting in line by hundreds of participants. Without a fast pass, wait in the "stand-by" line became eternally long (we couldn't even get into the huge bowl for Mickey's Fantasmic (watching as a thousand people moved past and in front of us).

Since you can only use a limited number of fast passes in a day, hour plus waits have become routine for attractions. I HATE the Disney experience now. They have lost the ability to manage crowds. They should try returning to the coupon or similar system or limit the number of people admitted daily to the park.

Presently they are unable to handle the flow of people. We won't go through that again.

Review about: Walt Disney World Fast Pass.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1290741

Poster seriously needs to get out of 1970. If people did not come there would be no Disney And people are not going to fly across country to ride 3 rides with coupons and go home.

to Anonymous #1299234

No, poster is correct and you are wrong. I still have the old ticket books at home in a safe box as a souvenir of when Disney was fun.

Poster nailed the assessment of Disney. Disney is a money grab now. $100 to wear yourself out walking 9 miles around a park with substandard and ridiculously overpriced food? $20 for this, $30 for that, etc, etc, etc.

It's all a money grab, and the fast passes make the experience for everyone else all about the haves and the have nots. The cast member working the Frozen Ride at Norway told us that Fast passes for that ride are sold out six weeks in advance. Well, the only way to be able to book 6 weeks out or further is to stay at a Disney hotel. Um no, nothing shady about that scam.

You need a PhD in order to navigate all of the complexities of a Disney park now. I grew up in the 80's going to Disney at least once a year. Now I remember why it's been 10 years since my last visit to this dump. Doubtful I will ever return again as I hate crowds to begin with.

All you do is stand in line at Disney.

What a colossal waste of time. I'd get more satisfaction out of lighting three hundred dollar bills on fire then to going back to Disney again.

to Anonymous #1385729

No you , stuck in 1970 *** are wrong, we are 45 years in the future. If no one came there would be no Disney, and i happen to love the fast pass system.

IF you bother to do a little planning you can cut down your time in line drastically. This is not a State Fair it is Disney World.

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