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Just returned from our most recent trip to Disney/Epcot/Animal Kingdom. Used the new fast passes two years ago on previous trip and were unhappy but gave it one more shot.

At Animal Kingdom Standby said 40 minutes for Exp Everest so my wife went to the Nemo Show as she does not ride coasters. 75 min later still not on the ride but fast pass people were pouring in. While we all watched. She loaded 10 min fast pass then two groups from Standby then back to fast pass.

We were told ride had been down so lots of extra passes were given out. We then missed that Nemo show as we had fast passes at Epcot that had to be used and could not stay for the next Nemo show. Got to Epcot and used first pass then had about two hours until next pass. Frozen showed 55 minutes so we hit the line.

Exact same thing, we waited close to 90 minutes and missed our next fastpass and had to call to change our dinner reservation. Fast passes work great if you have one, which means for three rides a day you are good. The rest of your day is now up in the air due to Disney having no control over when passes are used during the hour. If you happen to get in the standby line when a rush of fastpass users come in you are screwed.

It was just to much work trying to ride stuff. As a dad I stood in line and calculated what I was spending for each ride my kids took. You are looking at about 15 to 20 dollars per ride if you can get 12 in . Two trips in a row now after 35 years of enjoying Disney that were not any fun and the cost is now astronomical.

Take your family to Europe or go on five cruises but I can no longer recommend the Magic Kingdom as a place you want to go to more than once. Several people in the Frozen line had to leave after waiting over an hour due to dinner reservations, I cant repeat what they thought. As we left the Magic Kingdom all we heard were complaints from the crowd around us. Take your kids once if you can afford it but prepare yourself for the fight because it is no longer magical.

We used to go to an area get a fast pass wait in standby for another ride then use the fastpass then start all over again. I now find myself running all over the park trying to make this new system work. Jessica an employee at one of the restaurants in Animal Kingdom heard us talking about the problem on Exp Everest and she gave us passes for two rides at Epcot to make up for it and Ice Cream for my daughter as it was her birthday. Thank you Jessica as this did help soften what had become a pretty stressful day and the kids do love Soarin.

You should leave Animal Kingdom talking about how good the Lion King Show is not how mad you are about the fast pass situation. Even with passes already purchased for the parks our family will be taking a five or ten year hiatus from the Magic.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1212392

Seriously are you just a special kind of ***? All of your problems were your fault.

Why didn't you get fastpasses in advance for the popular rides yourself? The fast pass system is awesome.

Now you can make fastpasses at home 60 days in advance for Disney resort guests and 30 for off site instead of having to run across the park get a paper fast pass then rush back at the fast pass time now you can be organized as you know your fastpsses in advance and after you use the first 3 you can make the fourth and so on from your cell pone as soon as you have scanned the band to use your 3 rd fast pass and the fourt and each additional the tiers no longer matter as well as you can make it for a different park thqn the one you are currently in. It just does not get much easier than that

to Anonymous #1299301

Dallas PAID DISNEY Corporate TROLL!!! YOU are the problem and are *** OF THE EARTH!!!

The man has legitimate issues, and his complaint is spot on. You responding to every single complaint about Disney makes your opinion completely WORTHLESS!!!

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1192510

The whole point of Disney's new fast pass system is to allow you only three fast passes per day in ONE park which results in you and your family having the opportunity to shop, shop and eat the treats all over the park. Disney doesn't make money from the rides, they make money selling you things.

Get 'em in and out and to the shops, etc. We stopped going to WDW in Florida after our first experience with their new system and then confirmed our "no go" decision regarding WDW after we heard what Disney did to the Boy Scouts of America and their firing tech personnel in order to bring in foreign workers to replace them. All in all, not a good idea to go to or buy anything Disney anymore. We have taken to driving to the western US states.

It is much cheaper and more scenic than going to WDW. See the USA!

to h.kitchener Dallas, Texas, United States #1211156

Before you start making statements, know what you are talking about. First of all you can make additional fastpasses as soon as you have scanned your magic band at your third fastpass of the day you can make an additional fast pass using your cell phone, this can be at any park not just the park that you are currently in.

Our last trip we were utilizing 7 to 8 fastpass a day at different parks.

Disney did not do anything to the Boy Scouts, don't know where you made that up at. And as far as the tech personnel, they were fired because they sucked, Disney had to get some people in that could fix MDE.

to Anonymous #1370796

Disney dropped funding to protest the boys scouts anti *** agendas

to h.kitchener #1387447

Wow you really know nothing you can make fast passes as many as you want after you have used the first one i have done as many as 12 in one day.

They stopped funding Boy Scouts because Boy Scouts have gone off the deep end , promoting *** agenda, letting girls be boy scouts, and many other things.

The IT workers that were fired were fired because they were not properly doing their jobs.

And as for use your vacation to go see the scenery, yeah right, I can go stand in my back yard for free and look at a stupid tree, i sure am not going to waste my vacation time or my money to go see a tree, or grass or , a big hole in the ground.

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