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Disneyworld 20 years ago was the most magical amazing vacation you could ever experience, unfortunately it is now a vacation full of rude, condescending employees where Disney now thinks it is acceptable to treat guests as if they are less than human!!! Someone needs to write a blog or a book to hurt Disney the only way they can an in the pocketbook so everyone will know and refuse to give Disney another dime of their money! Take your hard... Read more

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My husband and I took our family of 11 to Disney World from 11-5-16 to 11-12-16. We were there previously at the same time of year 8 years ago and had a great time then. This time however was just waiting in line 90 percent of the time. It was very busy. We however did not pick fast passes prior to our visit because we wanted to let the weather determine what park we would go to on which day. However we did plan our route for each park which... Read more

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Please be aware that if you have a food allergy/intolerance and you dine at one of the Disney restaurants you might be served food containing the ingredients that you are allergic to. I have had 3 different incidents over several years that I was served food with gluten and was not told by the staff about the mistake until AFTER I consumed the food. In each instance I had ordered the food with a Disney chef and still was given the wrong food.... Read more

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I have been a long time customer of Disney World, going each year for the last 16 years. There new policy of having to rush around making reservations to get into Resturants is rediculous. Every Resturant you go to, they say we only take reservations well in advance, even though you look inside and the resturants are half empty. So you always have to be on a regimented schedule, rushing around for a reservation. If you don't make there... Read more

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New fastpass + system is the Worst. Only 1 tier 1 pick per day (and you will only ever get 1, because if you try to add another they are ALWAYS not available). So for those of us who have come to Disney many times and are efficient in park hopping---this punishes you. Discourages park hopping (which costs extra), and means you can only ride 1 good ride a day with your picks. We will not be staying at Disney anymore and will not visit much... Read more

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Vacation Oct 1-9, 2016. I have never been so upset as I was with this trip. I saved for 2 years to take myself and my special needs son on this trip. I got the food plan (first time) I ever had this. I thought this would be a good thing. However, we really only got to use this 3 times, as he is special needs and needs to be pushed in a wheelchair and it was really hard as it downpoured the whole time. I know Disney cannot control the... Read more

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Wow! What a shame. For my parents 30th anniversary I brought my parents to see Los Lobos at Epcot. I spent all this money on tickets and this group only played about 4 or 5 short songs per 3 sesssions. They didn't even play La Bamba. The whole crowed was saying La Bamba. Epcot advertised that was the song they were known for and their fame song...We all went home dissapointed.. I will not go see them next year if they come. It looks like they... Read more

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We booked 5 night stay at Disney with Free Dining. They now require you to purchase park hoppers which equals an extra $250-300 dollars. We are taking a break from the parks 1 day and spending a pool day. 5 Months later we receive a letter that 1 pool is closed and construction noise. We wanted to change to another value resort but the only options they would give us was 1. Pop Century for $70 more and pool construction and 2. Caribbean Beach... Read more

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We recently stayed in Disney Paris, staying at the Davy Crockett Ranch. The cabin was nice but there were only 2 towels between 4 of us, not enough shower gel and we had to share loo roll between bathrooms. My don sat up in bed and the bottom fell out as the beds are so flimsy. He was also drenched in sweat both nights as the duvet is cheap synthetic. It was very disappointing to find so many rides closed as there was no mention of that during... Read more

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Last night my wife, daughter and I were at Disney Springs. About 9:45 pm my wife's leg and foot started to hurt her and she was limping. We started to head for the parking garage via the shortest route. The route we also took into Disney Springs. I was stopped by a security guard and told we could not go that way, it was for cast members only. This is a large sidewalk by a main road going directly to the garage, not in any secure area or... Read more

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